Keeping Heroes Safe in a Storm

By: Briana Hicks COVID-19 has shifted the atmosphere within the nation, leaving Americans to view the meaning behind essential differently. On the front lines, working long hours and extra shifts is grocery workers. They have become the staple point and necessity to ensure that Americans everywhere have access to the things that supply and provide […]

UNLV Upsets No. 4 San Diego State

Saturday afternoon the Runnin’ Rebels defeated the undefeated in the Mountain West Conference, taking down the Aztecs, 66-63, in the Viejas Arena. The No. 4 ranked Aztecs were the highest-ranked opponent UNLV has defeated on the road since 1991. This was a revenge win for the Rebels after falling just short to the Aztecs at home in late January, 71-67.

The People v. Scoot Braun

  By Briana Herrera It’s a story as old as time. The year is 1993. Seinfeld is in its 5th season, Bill Clinton is serving his first term as president, Michael Jordan announced his first retirement from professional basketball, and the artist formerly known as Prince decided to go by what has become known as […]

What Does it Take for Produce to be Organic?

Certified Organic When you’re standing in the store picking out produce for the week, do you ever stop and think about what it took for that organic apple to get to the store? Or how can the store claim it’s still organic? Do you ever wonder what are the regulations for that apple to be […]

1.3 Million Reasons Student Homelessness Needs More Attention

By: Vanessa Lauren More than 4.2 million adults 18-24 struggle with housing insecurity. 1.3 million are students. 500,000 end up dropping out of school. 100 Las Vegas organizations focused on putting an end to homelessness, yet the numbers continue to rise. “I have served at least 120 students suffering from the risk of homelessness and/ or […]

On the Open Road- RV Chronicles

Did you know that spark plugs can eject out of an engine? Neither did I until today. I am currently writing this story in the waiting room of a truck repair shop in Dickson Tennessee. Waiting to see if the RV can be fixed after that very thing has happened to me. This is not […]

Fast Fashion is Also a Feminist Issue

Piya, a 25-year-old garment worker in Bangladesh is only one of 215 workers employed in GAPs 21 studied factories who have reported workplace mistreatment. As a sewing machine operator, Pia watched her co-worker, Apa, receive special treatment in the factory they both worked at. Pia shared that Apa was given flexible hours and the ability […]

The Dark Side of Professional Cheerleading

By: Triana Gando The Me Too movement has taken the world by storm. Countless individuals and their allies have come together to spread awareness against sexual abuse. It has affected people in different industries such as entertainment, politics, and sports. One in particular is the cheerleaders and dancers for various professional sports leagues like the […]

MLB and COVID-19: 9 Things we Learned from the Corona Virus Season

Martha Cruz As baseball fans, we were all expecting so much from the upcoming 2020 MLB season. A variety of prospects were getting their invites to spring training, new managers, veteran players final season; the list goes on. One thing that wasn’t on the agenda, COVID-19. As the fear of the infectious disease was growing […]

Everyone Deserves an Anthony: An Ode to Friendship

By Taylor Cayro It’s been six years. Six years since we wrapped on our first feature-length film together titled The News Crew. It was the end of March in 2014. We had just spent the last month filming our opus: an hour and a half long film about a group of friends who just wanted […]

Below the Surface, Above the Noise

          (courtesy: UNLV Student-Athletes Swim for Family and Legacy   By Devin Virissimo   Life is challenging enough during a global pandemic but to add on political conflict locally and abroad during finals week is just unreal.  For those international student-athletes that are living in the United States as it […]

Struggling Musicians fight to get their royalties from Spotify

By: Gabriela Rodriguez Making music is a tedious form of art that plays an essential part in everyone’s daily lives. Those who create it dedicate their time and talents to give something to the world that may or may not be praised. With that being said, smaller and larger artists deserve to be treated with […]