Review: Lil Wayne “Funeral”

By David Becerra Lil Wayne has been rapping for what seems like an eternity. Even though he has a great catalog of music to show for, it feels like many of his more recent projects seem to go under the radar if they don’t have “Tha Carter ” name attached to them. Wayne said it […]

Bernie Sanders’s pit stop in Nevada featuring Bloomberg

  By: Mohammed Nabi What a week in Nevada it has been for Bernie Sanders. At one of his rallies dairy protesters took the stage and protested. Nevada held one of the first Democratic Debates at the Paris Las Vegas. President Trump and Vice President Pence have and are continuing to make multiple visits to […]

Top Five Sports Scandals You May Not Have Heard Of From The Past Decade

Bloodgate: While you may have heard of the Deflategate scandal from 2014 involving the New England Patriots, have you ever heard of Bloodgate? This scandal occurred on April 12, 2009 and involved the rugby union English team Harlequins in the Heineken Cup quarter final. The reason that this scandal was dubbed Bloodgate was due to […]

DC’s Fight Night: The Democratic Debate in Las Vegas

by Trey Arline There are three days before the Nevada caucuses, there is still no general consensus about who the nominee of the Democratic party will be to run against President Donald Trump in November. Nevada is the first real test of electibility in the race as it reflects racially the makeup of America as […]

Kent Girl Plays Victim

By: Michael Easter Less than 48 hrs. ago, Kent Girl, who became famous for posing on her college graduation day with an AK rifle, paid a visit to Liberal Ohio State University. Suffice to say, things grew heated very quickly. Knowing where the views of Ohio State college students stand, one can argue that this […]

It’s Still Shocking DC Killed Off Alfred Pennyworth

By Nestor Sanchez Its been a week since the release of Batman: Pennyworth RIP #1, a tribute to Alfred Pennyworth. It came as a shock to many DC comic fans when the company suddenly decided to kill off Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce Wayne’s butler who many of us came to love. The newest issue has all […]

The Bad Boys Are Back!

By : Mohammed Nabi The boys are back! After 17 years Marcus Burnett and his partner Mike Lowrey are back on patrol. And it seems like nothing has changed, Mike is still out there looking for action and is seeking as much adrenaline as he can, and Marcus trying to take it easy and not […]

Sofar Sounds: Intimate Gigs in Las Vegas

By: Brianna Fayerverger In 2009, when Rafe Offer invited friends over to his London flat for a low-key, intimate music gig to listen to live music performed by friend and musician Dave Alexander, it quickly went from a hobby to a global community for artists and audiences to come together in a unique and welcoming […]