I Made List for Every Emotion with Taylor Swift Songs

P.S. I color coordinated the songs by album

1.Being in Love

Do you have a crush? Did you finally found the one? These songs are perfect to daydream about how wonderful your love life is. Ms. Taylor Swift is well known for her many relationships. I thank the universe for her way of capturing the best of relationship. The songs evolve as her eras progress. “Stay beautiful” is a song about seeing your crush in the hallway and wishing him well even if he doesn’t “know on your front door.” My top 3 are: Stay Beautiful, love story, and King of my Heart.

2. Going Through a Bad Breakup (like really bad)

For these songs, we have to thank Jake Gyllenhaal, Harry Styles, Joe Jonas and a few more. Taylor is the master at writing a good break up song. She describes exactly what she feels at the moment that is impossible not to relate. “All Too Well” (a Swiftie favorite) was Taylor’s rant about her break up with Jake Gyllenhaal. She said the song was hard to write because she had so much to say. A vulnerable song where she confessed losing her virginity and trying to find her old self. My top 3 are: All Too Well,  Should’ve Said No, and White Horse.

3. Remember me & Not So Bad Breakup

Even after things are done many of us have to hope to make an impact on someone’s life. Taylor is the same way. Most of these songs come after a break up where you don’t hate the person, you just want them to cherish the good times. “Tim McGraw”  was her first single ever. This is a song about breaking up with your high school sweetheart. No bad feelings, but he is going to college and long distance relationships are not very convenient. My top 3 are: Tim McGraw, Style, and Out of the Woods

4. Memories

The most underrated Taylor Songs. These type of songs are my favorite. She recalls growing up in a Christmas tree farm. We haven’t got a song like this since the Red era. “Long live” is about holding on to the memories, a great song to play at a high school graduation. My top 3 are: Change, Never Grow Up, and Long Live.

5. We Got Beef

feeling betrayed, sad, salty? These are the perfects songs for you. Most of them were inspired by Kanye West. “Mean” a song she wrote about a commentator who hurt her feelings by pointing out constatnly how off pitch she was during a grammy’s performance. My top 3 are: Mean, Shake it off, This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things.

6. I Don’t Love You Back, Sorry

He likes you, but you don’t. Send them one of these songs, maybe it will make them feel better. Since these are the only ones, I guess these are my top 3. “The way I loved you” is about having a boyfriend, but still loving your ex.

7. Being in the Friend Zone

Welcome to the friend zone, here are some songs that might help you cope with not being loved back. “Enchanted” is about meeting a guy and being mesmerized by him, and wishing he wasn’t “in love with someone else.” My top 3 are: Teardrops on My Guitar, you belong with me, Enchanted

8. Starting All Over

Right after the storm comes the rainbow. These songs are perfect for picking back all the broken pieces and stating again. Again, these are the only 3.

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