The Dude on the Bachelor Is A Virgin: Why do we care?

The Bachelor is finally over and people are left wondering if Colton Underwood is still a virgin. The entire season’s hook was built around his virginity, endless jokes were made, and it was the driving force to keep the show appealing this season.

As for whether he is or isn’t a virgin anymore… who cares?

Actually, a lot of people do apparently. 8.02 million viewers watched the season finale last night, and this season has had a steady following throughout. Besides the usual compelling reasons for people to watch the bachelor: abnormally attractive people crying on national television trying to find love and drinking more wine than they probably should; people tuned in to see how the unlikely virgin stumbled his way through romance.

It makes sense that people are compelled to the idea of someone’s virginity being on display for the world to see. Typically, talking about sex is taboo. It’s reserved for a one time class in elementary school and then again in high school. Yet, most popular tv shows and movies are marketed around sex and relationships. And more often then not, we see women playing the “virgin” card as it is seen to be more chaste and appropriate. 50 Shades of Grey did it. Jane the Virgin did it. And now the upcoming movie, After is doing it. There is no shock factor when people hear that a woman is a virgin, nor is “virgin” repeated as much as it is in the Bachelor. So what makes Colton Underwood different?

The Bachelor is a good ol’ American boy who just wanted to play football and didn’t have time for a personal life. It’s hard for people to believe. But because he’s so wholesome and attractive, he goes from being an ex-football player looking for love to a commodity women are willing to fight over.

It’s similar to the same reason Tim Tebow hasn’t seemed to fade away despite a finished career in the NFL and a slow going one in the MLB. His vocalization on remaining a virgin until marriage and staying true to his faith is what made him so popular. It has gotten him sponsorships, book deals, and more second chances for an athletic career than most people would think necessary.

Despite both of these men talking so openly about virginity, many people find it hard to believe. Tim Tebow recently announced his engagement and fans found it amusing to think that he could possibly be sexually inactive at 31.

If you are still dying to know about Underwood’s virginity status…you’ll have to settle with your best guess. The After the Final Rose episode aired last night and while Underwood has managed to find love, he claims he won’t talk on the topic anymore because, “since there are two of us now in our relationship it’s something that we’re going to keep to ourselves”. However, most people assume that he left his V-card in the Fantasy Suite.

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