Top Five Indie Albums You Should Be Listening To

Only 3 months into 2019 and already there’s been a stream of solid releases. Of course there’s no escaping Sharon Van Etten’s Remind Me Tomorrow but everyone from Foals to dark wave post punkers Diat, have graced fans with some excellent material. Here’s five that you should be listening to.

1. Mattiel  -Customer Copy

Atlanta based Mattiel is back with a new EP Customer Copy. The sound pretty much picks up where her 2017 self-titled left off, with the same blues inspired pop ballads. Mattiel’s voice is still the focal point, driving the album’s at times chaotic arrangements. While Customer Copy never soars to the heights of Mattiel it still reflects an artist coming into her own and delivering on all the things we’ve come to love about her.


2. Jessica Pratt – Quiet Signs

As the title suggest Jessica Pratt’s Quiet Signs is a very quiet album, so it’s best to explore when you can give the album your undivided attention. On the first listen I found myself leaning into the speakers to catch the subtle interplay between the minimal guitar work and Pratt’s haunting voice. The album relies a lot on balance. Though it seems dark there is also something light and warm about the album. And though it seems haunting, there’s something immensely welcoming about Pratt’s approach, from the first note to the last. If you really want to dig into to this one listen to it on your favorite headphones.

3. Diat – Positive Disintegration

Berlin’s post punkers Diat are back with their follow up to 2015 Positive Energy. Released on Iron Lungs Positive Disintegration is being pitched as a companion piece more so than a follow up. Fans get to see a more mature approach to the darkwave post punk sound that was established on Positive Energy. It almost shows the natural progression that many post punk bands make from a raw guitar sound to a more refined electronic synth-driven sound. This one is sure to keep punks around the world excited about Diat’s future.


4. Foals – Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost pt 1

Foals has an ambitious year ahead of them both with their tour schedule and their slanted release of of the two part concept album Everything Not Saved Will Be LostWhile pt 1 doesn’t necessarily find the band moving into uncharted territory; it at least reassures audiences that Foals can still make dynamic listenable and dance-able music, without sacrificing content or substance for style.

5. Frankie and the Witch Fingers – ZAM

Los Anegles based Frankie and the Witch Fingers put out another in a string of great albums. Their fifth album ZAM was released on Greenway Records. It continues on the band’s psyched out distortion-saturated take on 60s garage rock. ZAM  finds the band taking their sound to new heights and exploding with a confident swagger as it pummels the listener with 11 tracks in one hour.


Honorable mentions include: Spellling, The Coathangers and Low Life


Words by: Johnnie Wade

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