R. Kelly’s Former Hairdresser Finally Breaks Her Silence

By Brandon McGregory

After R. Kelly’s arrest on charges of criminal sexual abuse, February 23, 2018, there was a women mentioned who went by the name of L.C. This was short for Lanita Carter, who was R. Kelly’s hairdresser and braided his hair for two years. Lanita Carter recently came forth to tell the story of her experiences with R. Kelly in an interview which will air Thursday, March 28, 2019 on “CBS This Morning.”

A short clip of the interview is shared with Lanita explaining that no matter if people believe her or not, she was sexually abused by R. Kelly. She was ashamed which is why she never decided to come out and talk about it. Lanita states that it has been hard to get over it, but she has been carrying this secret since 2003.

In documents that were previously released that highlighted the charges, R. Kelly exposed himself to her multiple times and tried to force her to perform many sexual acts when she was 24.

After a very intense and emotional interview on “CBS This Morning,” Gayle King was praised for her keeping her composure as R. Kelly’s stood from his chair in a rant, in what seemed like an attempt to defend himself. He stated,¬†“Y’all trying to kill me,” while pounding his chest and pointing his finger. Thought all this, Gayle King remained calm.

During a sit down on CBSN, Gayle explained that during her interview with R. Kelly, there was not a time where she was afraid. Although it was obvious that he may not have like many of the questions and seemed very frustrated, she knew that he would not hurt her.

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