Laabradoor Is Exactly What Music Needs Right Now

Every now and again a band will arrive that perfectly defines the times. Almost always it’s by complete accident, with the engineering of the Sex Pistols being the one exception that springs to mind. Las Vegas Laabradoor seem to be that band. Without even trying the four piece experimental shoegaze outfit has tapped into a very important movement within the indie world. It’s no secret that for the first time in Indie rock history, the scene is trying to distant its self from the idea that indie is just a type of music marketed and created by suburban white kids. Laabradoor takes part of that movement without putting it at the forefront of their band or agenda. “Laabradoor started as a solo project, it took awhile before it became a full band, really we’re still kind of new,” Austin Shaddix said describing the formation of Laabradoor. And despite the band being relatively new it’s already made an impact on the local Las Vegas scene. Las Vegas Weekly included them on their “Bands to Watch in 2019” list. And already they’ve claimed a bit of a following considering they were able to fill the decrepit but lovable punk venue the Double Down on a Thursday night. Their music is a mix of shoegaze, electronic and surf rock. If you can imagine My Bloody Valentine, Elvis Depressly and Dick Dale on the same time you might get somewhere close to Laabradoor’s sound.


Laabradoor performing at Double Down Saloon in Las Vegas, NV. Photo by Johnnie Wade


Talking to the members of Laabradoor you get the feeling that journalist speaking to the Beatles must of had in the 60s. The members are charming, attractive and talented. Collectively that strike the perfect balance of insecurity and confidence. There youth and idealistic approach to making music is something to be admired. And the band dosen’t shy away from their heavy use of electronic effects and thick distortion. “We would be a completely different band if it wasn’t for the technology, you’ll never see us doing an acoustic set,” Shaddix admits laughing. While this sentiment is something rarely shared among purist, it’s great to see someone declare it so openly. But there’s a lot about Laabradoor that seems like an open declaration without seeming like a preacher on a soapbox.

Laabradoor does not have a proper full length yet, but they’ve been tinkering away experimenting on how to approach the full length. In keeping with their appreciation of technology they aim to record the album on an analog format. Whatever they release it’s obvious they’ll have a pack of listeners eagerly awaiting.



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