Leave Louis Alone!

by Brandon Skorzanka


It’s been a little over a year since The New York Times published 5 different accounts from women saying Louis C.K. played with Private Johnson in front of the citizens. This directly resulted in his career flopping into the toilet. He’s kept under the radar since then, but recently started popping up at assorted comedy clubs and creating a stir in the media. Critics are gathering, protests have formed, and his regulars are feeling cautious. Despite all, his fans were quick to forgive during his  latest show in San Jose California. If his fans have forgiven, isn’t it about time we moved on to more important things?


Louis opened his show, not by showing the regret from what he did or apologizing for his actions, but with a simple one-liner.

“I like to jerk off, and I don’t like being alone.”


He made it very clear what was about to happen. Don’t expect an apology, guilt, or regret. He’s here to make us laugh, because that is what his stage is for. Louis C.K has always been deemed offensive, but that is what makes him one of America’s most beloved comedians. The accusations were earthshaking to his faithful fans. The joke, of course, angered a few folks, but in times like these we need to be reminded that a joke is meant to make us laugh, not to be taken seriously.


However, in comparison to some of the monsters brought down in the #MeToo movement, should Louis be subject to the same social bombardment? He’s no Spacey or Weinstein. He didn’t abuse anyone, and his apology, as stated by actress Amber Tamblyn, was “the most believable and acceptable” apology letter to come from someone involved in the movement. He also wrote that he would step back from talking, and start listening for a while.


Louis C.K kept these promises, and returned to the stage unannounced after many months, yet even then some said it was too soon or that he should have reflected on his actions during the show. He doesn’t need the audience’s permission to continue his career. No comedy fan would show up to a Louis C.K. show if they expected him to give another apology and show remorse. Apologies aren’t funny. Remorse isn’t funny. They have no place in a comedy show.


For those of us who have followed Louis C.K for a long time, we already knew about his little “hobby.” He’s mentioned on stage what gets his engine running with his jokes, but back then we took what he said the way it was meant to be taken, as a joke. He admitted that the stories about him were true, and apologized, and two years later he is still afraid to do his job. In the media today, consumers know the moment celebrities even fart in the wrong direction. He didn’t rape anyone. He didn’t kill anyone. After all this time, let’s get Louis C.K back to telling jokes, and the media back to reporting real news instead of milking someone else’s suffering. What Louis C.K did in front of those women was terrible, but let’s be honest, we don’t watch him for his politics or personal life.


So, what next for Louis? Hopefully he can get back up on stage and offending people as soon as possible, because that’s his job. He should be ripping on all of us so we can laugh and forget about our own terrible lives. Let’s let him give us a few yucks for the road.

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