For the Love of the Throne: Brands Everywhere are Getting into the Hype of the Last Season of Game of Thrones with GOT Themed Products

By Grace Sarkoyan

Game of Thrones… GOT… Mother of all Dragons, White Walkers, backstabbing, death, and an incredibly sensational cast (que theme song). What is it about HBO’s Game of Thrones that keeps us sitting on the edge of our seats wondering who will finally sit on the Iron Throne? As Season 8 is coming upon us (the Premiere is April 14, 2019), it is a bittersweet feeling shared amongst GOT fans. Fans finally want to know who will rule all 7 kingdoms, but we also have to come to the reality that it will be the end of the show forever. To elongate the season and feeling of excitement as much as possible, companies like Adidas, Oreo, Alex and Ani, and even Mountain Dew are getting into the hype. Just search the hashtag #ForTheThrone on Instagram, and you’ll see what I’m talking about. This comprehensive list of inventive and celebratory products proves how deeply this series has influenced our popular culture and what this show has meant to modern audiences. I’m not crying, you’re crying!


Adidas and The Royal Sneakers

Adidas launched a series of Game of Thrones “Ultraboost” shoes. There are six styles in the line, each of which are designed to represent noble families within the GOT series. Targaryen dragons (red, yellow, and orange ombre), House Targaryen (cream and beige) , House Lannister (gold, red, and black), the White Walkers (white and ice blue), the Night’s Watch (black and white), and House Stark (grey and black). So thrilling!

Alex and Ani and The Game of Bracelets

The jewelry brand Alex and Ani  has just come out with a Game of Thrones themed bracelet and necklace line to add to the hype. We don’t know much about the collection other than the little hints the brand has given us. They’ve released merely the names of their pieces: Lady of Winterfell, House Lannister, Mother of Dragons, and A Girl Has No Name. Knowing how this brand is always on the cutting edge of modern fun, it will come out with something magical, I’m sure.   


Urban Decay and The Mother of Makeup

Makeup brand, Urban Decay is also celebrating Game of Thrones’ return to the television. In doing so, they have come out with a limited edition makeup line that is Game of Thrones themed (Hodor, hold the door!). If you are a makeup lover AND a Game of Thrones lover, this collection will make you feel like you’re meant to rule all 7 kingdoms in style. The line includes eyeshadow palettes, eye pencils, and lipsticks with names like “Winter is Here” and “Bay of the Dragons.” It also features brushes made to look like Jon Snow’s swords.  

Ores and The Snack

The famed cookie company Oreo is also getting in on the hype. Oreo has released a video mimicking the GOT intro complete with theme music using– you guessed it!– Oreos. Now that Game of Thrones is coming to an end, Ores felt the need to give us fans a reason to eat our feelings with these themed cookies. Each pack will contain the imprint of the household: Lannisters (lion), Targaryens (dragon), Starks (direwolf), and the Night King (blah!).

Mountain Dew and The Kill-list

Wash those Oreos down with a cold drink of Mountain Dew. The company is giving fans a chance to enter a competition to win a special Game of Throne themed can. The limited edition can is blank when first gazing at, which Mountain Dew has cheekily dubbed #ACanHasNoName. However, when cold, the can reveals a list of names. The theme of the campaign is Arya Stark’s kill-list, and so there are certain names crossed out already (those who she’s already killed). Mountain Dew is urging consumers to use the hashtag #ACanHasNoName for a chance to win the can. Mountain Dew has even produced a remix of the Game of Thrones Theme song with musical artist Migos which also features various athletic stars humming along to the song.   

Johnnie Walker and The White Walkers

Adult beverage company Johnnie Walker rounds out the list by launching a Game of Thrones scotch themed collection, with 9 total liquors. Each of the first 8 bottles represent a singular house (Stark, Lannister, Greyjoy, etc.). However, the 9th bottle represents the White Walkers and is, fittingly, in a white icy bottle. Because we all know we are going to need a drink when the last episodes airs! GOT fans are going into mourning, so the scotch brand has done their part to soothe the sting of farewell, adding in the White Walkers at the end to cool the heat of our heartache.

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