The Power of Saying I Don’t Know

The progress and improvement of the internet has given those who use it any answer it desires at the tip of its fingertips.

In doing so, internet users and subsequently most humans have forgotten that there is power in saying “I don’t know.”

Most of the time from fear of being criticized or belief that one looks unintelligent most will attempt to engage in a conversation normally it wouldn’t due to lacking enough substantial information.

Above all things, when saying “I don’t know” one could be opening one’s self to new information and perhaps be introduced to new ideologies and principles.

Overall, here are three things that make will make it easier to say “I don’t know:”

  1. You instantly become a valid source of truth.

  2. You might meet someone who’s more familiar with it and you could actually learn something new.

  3. You give yourself the best chance to make the most informed decision possible.

The Brilliant Idiots Podcast encompasses this as a whole everytime a new episode is uploaded.

Radio personality Charlamagne Tha God’s relationship with comedian Andrew Schulz is authentic and often receives major criticism. Mostly from those who don’t understand the purpose of the odd pairing.

The rather unusual combination of the two helps provide an interesting context during the podcast and often times leaves you viewing a topic from a different perspective or at least with more clarity.

You become valid source of truth

Charlamagne is known for being brutally honest. So much so that it now becomes news if he actually likes something.

More importantly, he doesn’t run from it.

He sits down face-to-face with the various music artists and celebrities giving them the chance to change his mind, though often they don’t.

In doing this, Charlamagne is opening the door for his mind to be changed because he understands that he may not always be knowledgeable in the form of rap or even the content sometimes.

Charlamagne asks questions from the “I don’t know” viewpoint, which at some point has to be commendable to a degree seeing as he speaks to a large audience daily and sometimes multiple times a day.

Schulz does that exact same thing with a far more important issue and that’s race. However, he asks questions from an “I don’t know” perspective.

A lot of times, his questions are deemed and dismissed as ignorance.

Understanding the plight of minorities is a significant topic of discussion but with Schulz being a white male, a lot of times people feel he’s being closed minded.

Yet, not everybody has personal experience to rely on but here’s what important – I’d rather have someone pose the question as opposed to state it as fact.

Since he’s a comedian, people feel some of the questions border rude and insensitive.

However, by dealing with the good and bad of asking those questions, Schulz becomes a valid source of truth because when he calls something out for being racist or calls out a case of bigotry – it holds more weight.

You could actually learn something

Since Schulz poses those questions, Charlamagne happens to inform him on why some of them get the reaction they do.

But more importantly, Charlamagne answers his questions.

That way, if Andrew continues to ask those questions or act ignorant to something, Charlamange can hold him accountable.

On the other hand, having certain traumas as a Black man has forced Charlamagne to address his mental capacity.

In doing so, he determined he has anxiety which is classified as a mental illness/disorder and took the battle public.

Not by chance, Andrew has a brother who suffers from schizophrenia.

Being in such close proximity to each other, Charlamagne is given the opportunity to see another mental illness first hand but of a different nature. By doing so, he is able to gain better understanding of himself and mental health as a whole.

Give yourself a chance to make most informed decision

When you do this and it’s done accurately, you give yourself the opportunity to make the most informed decision possible.

By refusing to do so, you are leaving yourself open to vast criticism most that will be warranted because of your lack of due diligence.

Situations like the Jussie Smollett and Robert Kraft situation in the news in recent weeks prove this to be more factual and necessary than ever.

Once presented with the entire bevy of new information, many tunes changed under the premise the first time they spoke out, it was from a place of assumption and not consumption.

Moreover, it’s important to realize that there is nothing wrong with changing your mind when you are presented with new information.

Most people feel they’ll look dumb if they admit they’re wrong. However, the question that should be pondered is – What are you if you know you’re wrong and still stand on it?

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