Bernie Sanders’s pit stop in Nevada, featuring the person with no friends in this race Mr. Bloomberg


By: Mohammed Nabi 19debate-takeaways-top-mediumSquareAt3X

What a week in Nevada it has been for Bernie Sanders. At one of his rallies dairy protesters took the stage and protested. Nevada held one of the first Democratic Debates at the Paris Las Vegas. President Trump and Vice President Pence have and are continuing to make multiple visits to Las Vegas as the debates go on.

This is Mike Bloomberg’s first appearance at the Democratic Debates and it seemed like none of the candidates held back. Elizabeth Warren had nothing but not nice things to say about Mayor Bloomberg, going on to say he calls women “fat broads.”Election 2020 Debate, Las Vegas, USA - 19 Feb 2020

Sanders didn’t hold back. Sanders stated to beat Trump we need the biggest voter turnout and they can’t have that if Bloomberg is the runner up. Sanders also implied that Bloomberg’s agenda only benefit billionaires. You can watch the highlight here.

Though Sanders maybe in the lead, when it came to releasing his full medical records he went on to say he’s released some and won’t be releasing anymore. sanders-trump-defeat-sanders-debate

Sanders went on to say he will never sign a bill that will reduce American citizens healthcare benefits.

Screen Shot 2020-02-21 at 12.48.07 PMSanders also has seemed to fall off being the top Democratic nominee by one delegate as of now, but we will see who will come out on top as the Nevada caucus will be help on Saturday February 22, 2020.

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