Tea Spilled And Blows Exchanged at the Democratic Debate in Las Vegas


by Trey Arline

There are three days before the Nevada caucuses, there is still no general consensus about who the nominee of the Democratic party will be to run against President Donald Trump in November.

Nevada is the first real test of electibility in the race as it reflects racially the makeup of America as well as economically, with South Carolina and its sizeable African-American population there able to spring forward a nominee or decimate a campaign altogether.

Sanders has a lead here in the state and nationally, but he has now angered the most influential labor union in the state and his supporters weren’t awfully fond of him being shunned. Biden has been slipping in his lead and Bloomberg has thrown more money into advertising himself more than most major campaigns have spent combined that pushed him onto the stage the last second. This was not expected to be a particularly warm environment but this was carrying the flare of a heavyweight bout that Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury could only ever dream of.

At the Paris in Las Vegas, it was like watching a title fight on pay-per-view; Sen. Amy Klobuchar v. Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Vice President Joe Biden v. Sen. Bernie Sanders were the undercards to the main event. The two centrist alternatives duked it out over Washington experience and the two frontrunners traded barbs, with Biden stepping it up big time with direct plans and less tolerance from his rivals that helped solidify Biden’s grit. Both battles played out on screen but nothing was going to beat the main event.

Even before the debate started, Sen. Elizabeth Warren made it clear she was no fan of Mayor Michael Bloomberg. She tore into him for his misogynistic comments and multiple sexual harassment claims against him, and he never recovered from there. He quickly became the Democrat’s next target on the stage and was attacked for the NDA’s his employees signed, to his confusing stance on redlining, and of course his infamous stop-and-frisk policy he implemented in New York City as mayor that overwhelmingly criminalized black and brown communities. Yikes.

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Warren made the most of her momentum off of Bloomberg and controlled the flow of the debates from there. But ceding time to the candidates to bicker with one another may have been a mistake. This debate was far more lacking in substance than any of the others thus far; with so little days left in the primaries and with so many chances for all of the nominees left to break out and win it, there was little love or humor to be found in the midst of chaos, nor any definitive player that makes the case that they deserve to be the nominee.

It all played out well for television, but while tea was being served and blows were being exchanged, the only person who seemed to benefit was Donald Trump. Everyone is using their own comrades as sparring partners and further demonstrating the ideological schism the Democratic Party finds itself in. The clash of big egos certainly do not yield positive results for the Dems prospect of taking back the White House and Congress.

Time will tell if the Dems figure this all out but expect this fight to drag out longer than these boxing puns did.


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