It’s Still Shocking DC Killed Off Alfred Pennyworth

By Nestor Sanchez

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Its been a week since the release of Batman: Pennyworth RIP #1, a tribute to Alfred Pennyworth. It came as a shock to many DC comic fans when the company suddenly decided to kill off Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce Wayne’s butler who many of us came to love. The newest issue has all the main Batman characters from the past talk about their relationship to the Wayne manor faithful butler. In it we get to see how well each of the characters are dealing with their loss. One of the most notable Batman characters Damian Wayne blames himself for Alfred’s death because he ignores Bane’s warning for him to stay out of Gotham. Jason Todd feels he lost the only person who sees him as part of the Batman Family. Barbara Gordan is upset that Bruce is just sitting there and not being there to support and keep the family together. Tim Drake is worried about how this will affect Bruce, while Dick Grayson who lost his memory wonders what relation he truly had with Alfred. But the one who was affected the most by Alfred’s passing is non-other then Bruce Wayne. 

Batman was known as a person who trusted no one and has plans to kill every DC hero if they turn evil. He always had almost like a dark side to him that many who read the comics would understand. An example of this would be the kryptonite he usually keeps hidden in his utility belt and Batcave to stop superman from his best friend. Alfred was different he was always the character Batman always trusted and never question. He was like a second father to Bruce Wayne and for the longest time his only family, In the issue after you can see the impact this has had on him. 

For me as a comic book fan, this was heartbreaking. Alfred to me is the yin to Batman’s yang. He was always an important character and is there in every iteration from cartoon to live-action. He is the one who always holds the Batman family together. We will see in future comic how their family dynamic will be. Maybe DC will find a way to bring him back but for me as a fan and the characters in the book the impact now is surreal. For now, it seems Alfred will stay dead and live on in other forms of media outside of the current Dc continuity. The Death Of Alfred Pennyworth will be one of the more impactful Batman stories. 

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