Kent Girl Cries Wolf

By: Briana Hicks
Less than 48 hrs. ago, Kent Girl, who became famous for posing on her college graduation day with an AK rifle, paid a visit to Liberal Ohio State University. Suffice to say, things grew heated very quickly.
Knowing where the views of Ohio State college students stand, one can argue that this was a publicity stunt to earn herself more clout through social media. Originally, it was reported by @whatstrending that she went to the school for her show, questioning students if they’d know about our first three Presidents.
Things did not go over well for her because she films on her phone, inside her friends car, people throwing cups of liquids into the car and yelling inaudible things to her. The mob of voices blended as everyone argued hateful slurs at her and those with her.
I’ve seen her make wild and questionable statements with disregard for the people whose lives are affected by her public outcries of controversial support. I have to acknowledge that she is insensitive to the oppression of minorities and the tragic domestic terrorism that has swept America in mass shootings at schools, concerts, bars, and so forth.
Having the audacity to publicly suggest that the students be arrested and the University lose its accreditation, crosses the line. She walked into a campus, at the very least, knowing where things could end up. She’s openly argued that racism and oppression does not exist because she sees different races of people all around her. Her ignorance and bigoted support of a man, a president, who subliminal incites open hate and violence against minorities, creates intense feelings of her as a whole.
Let’s not forget she utilizes her white privilege to keep her eyes ears closed to the experiences of minorities, choosing to bulldoze others using her views and opinions for clout. She makes jokes of the painful living testimonies of the oppressed. She has publicly made herself a target of hatred from the very people she ignores.
Her visit to Ohio University was fultile. She spent her time trying to push past a crowd of protesters whom surrounded her while yelling in her face. She claims to have pushed a student because she poured coffee on her, but there was no evidence supporting that claim.
At the end of the day, she knew she’d be unwelcome on campus whether common sense or social media. But, she chose to take the opportunity anyway. Which leads to my last point, the actions of the students were unnecessary but one can not argue that she didn’t know what she was walking into due to her previous show of support over controversial issues.


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