The Bad Boys Are Back, and you’re going to want to watch it!

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The boys are back! After 17 years Marcus Burnett and his partner Mike Lowrey are back on patrol. And it seems like nothing has changed, Mike is still out there looking for action and is seeking as much adrenaline as he can, and Marcus trying to take it easy and not upset his wife.

The comedic chemistry that Will Smith and Martin Lawrence have is still the same and will still make people laugh and keep them entertained in the third movie. The third installment of the Bad Boys franchise has an exciting ending, and will have audiences’ wondering if there will be a fourth installment.

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Comparing all three films, Bad Boys for Life has definitely beat out the other two. It went crazy at the box office on opening weekend making $60 million and a 77% on Rotten Tomatoes. Bad Boys for Life offers more action, and more humor, and with Smith becoming the social media prince, everyone can get a good look at the behind the scenes.  Everyone remembers that scene in Bad Boys 2 where Smith and Lawrence interrogate Reggie, well Reggie makes a funny cameo coming back for the third film. Do yourself a favor go to the closest movie theater, get a small popcorn and soda, and get yourself seated to watch Bad Boys for Life, it will be worth it.

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