Raiders to pursue Tom Brady if QB becomes a free agent.

(Image: ESPN Sources)

By: Amber Wilson

Out with the old Derek Carr and In with the new Tom Brady.


What a huge plot twist this would be bringing the greatest quarterback of all time to Las Vegas to play with the Raiders. With how much buzz this story has picked up this might be the biggest story in the NFL offseason and even in all of sports.

The Raiders are pursuing Tom Brady If he happens to not re-sign with the Patriots before becoming a free agent.

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These rumors have been the talk all over social media for the last couple of weeks with follow up comments from a close friend of Brady’s. Raiders are willing to offer a two- year, $60 million contract to Brady.

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Patriots owner Robert Kraft has shown how much he wants Brady to return and continue playing with New England but there will be more talk upon the team before a the free-agent deadline signing period begins March 18. In fact Ian Rapoport reported the Patriots are willing to pay Brady $30 million per year to keep him. Brady has expressed he is “open-minded” about this process and that other NFL teams are showing interest in signing him, according to sources.

Fellow teammate Josh Jacobs states, “I think that Derek is an amazing quarterback,”. “I think that he’s actually one of the smartest guys I’ve ever met. I mean, whatever they decide to do, we’ll be in good hands. You can’t ever really compare another quarterback to Tom Brady. But, I think that whatever they decide to do we’ll be in good hands.”

“The million dollar question is should Brady become a Raider , what to do with Derek Carr? Keep him around as a back up at $20 million? Look to trade him? Cut him and eat $5 million in dead cap?”

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