Let College Students Take A Day Off!

By: Kelsey Olsen

I’m sure by now the memes of college students buried to their ears in books is so overused, but let’s be honest: IT’S TRUE!

College Meme

College is four years of studying your heart out, retaking classes, trying to shoot for that C average, just to receive one piece of paper worth $60,000+.

According to a study from aacu.org, in higher education a student should spend two hours of studying per hour of class time. Adding that all together with the average student taking 15 credit hours, this study says students should be studying upwards of 30 hours a week.

30 hours a week is a lot to ask, that’s basically a full time job! Plus you have to factor in the actual class time spent learning the material to study.

Students, especially in higher education, aren’t just “students”. In fact, a study from css.edu showed that 70 to 80 percent of college students are actively working while enrolled in college classes. Although some students do only work a part-time job, many do take on a larger workload. Almost 40 percent of undergraduates across the nation work at least 30 hours a week.

If you’re sticking with me, that’s 45 hours a week devoted to school AND 30 more hours devoted to making sure you have a roof over your head and food on the table?!

I spent a good amount of my senior year of college working three jobs and taking 15 credits. I was working the graveyard shift as a cocktail server, working as a director of marketing for a club on campus, and working as a full time intern for Athletics. That alone is enough to make someone go crazy.

Letting college students take a “Stress Day” three times a semester would be extremely beneficial. Professors are people that have lives too, but I think they forget that being students isn’t our only job.

College Meme Part 2

Veritas Prep had a study about three reasons why you need a day off in college.

  1. A day off allows you to relax and recharge.
  2. A day off gives you time to do things you enjoy.
  3. A day off makes you extra organized the other six days of the week.

Getting a “Stress Day” where you can skip a class without getting a penalty would be one of the best things to grant higher education students, especially this day in age.

A study from healthline in 2016 showed that 39 percent of higher education students were struggling with at least one mental illness. Later the study also showed the percentage of students who had considered suicide in the past year jumped from six to eight percent in previous years to 11 percent.

Today’s society is getting very aware of mental illnesses, especially those in higher education. Allowing students to take three days off a semester with no penalty would be a great start, maybe after implementing that universities could finally start catering more to mental health.

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