Reduce Your Travel Footprint

Eco-Friendly Travel | Image from Unsplash

By Matisse Johnson

With Spring Break coming up, many Rebels are headed off to fun destinations to enjoy some much needed time off. If you’re like me and have a passion for travel and all that it brings thinking about the ways traveling effects the environment is a part of that passion. In order to explore new destinations that open doors to whole new worlds and experiences, working to help those places is vital. Here are a few ways you can keep the planet beautiful. 

Only fly when necessary 

Unfortunately, planes are responsible for a large number of carbon emissions. Making conscientious decisions to the number of flights you take, the length of the travel time, and if you’ll be experiencing a layover can help. Trains, cars, buses, and boats shouldn’t be skipped. 

Get outside

When exploring your new destination, opt to walk it’s great for sightseeing and there’s no better way to get to know a city than getting a little lost in it. 

Reusable toiletries & travel items

Opt for using refillable containers for items like shampoo and conditioner and bring a reusable water bottle 

Wash your clothes in the sink  

Pack clothes that you can re-wear and do light washing in the sink and let air dry. This is a great thing to practice as many travelers also do this when backpacking or exploring a more remote location. 

Eco-friendly hotels

There are thousands of hotels around the world that make an effect on the environment. From solar paneling for renewable energy, timers for reducing water waste, bed linens made from organic fibers, and so much more, there are some amazing eco-friendly hotels worth checking out. Explore a few of them below! 

Playa Viva

Not only does Playa Viva provide stunning treehouse lodges, horseback riding on the beach, and a beautiful landscape full of wildlife — but they run on 100% solar energy and guests can volunteer at their turtle sanctuary! 

Soneva Resorts

Soneva Resorts practices composting, solar energy, filtration and oxygenation ponds, and recycle 90% of waste. 

Proximity Hotel

Proximity Hotel in North Carolina is platinum certification by the U.S. Green Building Council. 

Edition Hotel 

Edition Hotel in Miami Beach works to be plastic free by eliminating single-use plastic. 

Remember always support the destination you are visiting in any way you can! 

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