Make Some Noise For The Ladies

By: Grace Meyer | Image: Women In Music: Nottingham

Women in the media have been making noise for years about what is unbalanced from the other sex, from the #MeToo movement and the recent shut out of female filmmakers in the 2020 Oscars nominations, women around the world are shouting, and the volume is only getting louder. On behalf of International Woman’s Day being this previous Sunday (March 8), it’s time to get loud about lack of equality between the sexes, and this includes women in music.

Let us look at three women in the music industry and what they are doing to have their voices heard.

Grammy winner Billie Eilish has recently talked openly about the eyes that are constantly on her and the sexualization of her since turning 18. She told V magazine in 2019 that she will wear what she wants to wear, stating “But of course, everyone sees it as ‘she’s saying no to being sexualized’ and ‘she’s saying no to being the stereotypical female’.”

In the interview, she talks about her overall mindset of being more accepting of what other people wear, so long as they are comfortable wearing it. Eilish is using her voice and freedom to speak her mind about the way that she is perceived physically as a landmark for progress for females.

Her openness on the subject of body positivity is that similar to Lizzo’s. With Lizzo’s songs and public statements on self-love and body positivity, she constantly and continuously stands tall against backlash about her body told from the media. In recent news, the singer has been facing a backlash against her weight and the rumored speculation of medical issues. In not having yet made a response, we are greeted with her fans reminding believers that weight is not synonymous with health. Lizzo is using her body and her voice to help women and girls that look like her and stop such negative thoughts from coming up in the media. “When I was younger I didn’t see myself in the media. I didn’t see myself in fashion. I didn’t like how I looked because of what I saw on television,” Lizzo told Paper Mag.

Lastly, another woman that I want to showcase using her platform to make noise is none other than Taylor Swift. In her new documentary, Swift brings to light the challenge for a woman to keep quiet to avoid backlash despite going against her values. Since the beginning of her career, Swift has made it big with “seven million-selling albums, two Grammy album of the year trophies, and legions of fans who pack stadiums wherever she goes”.

In the Netflix movie, Swift uses her platform to let others know that fame always comes at a cost if you want it bad enough; Miss Americana is Swift’s wake up call to her silence. From winning a trial against former radio DJ David Mueller. A trial in which she only asked for $1 claiming assault against the DJ after Mueller filed for defamation.

Another burst of noise was made when she spoke out politically against conservative Tennessee Republican Sen. Marsha Blackburn during the 2018 midterm elections. Swift used her voice to give light to an act that Blackburn wanted to vote against. The act in question? The Violence Against Women Act.

Using her voice in such a direct way gave Swift the strength to break from her silence against the men in her life saying, “I’ve been doing it for 15 years, and I’m tired of it.”

This awakening of her sense of self drives us together into Taylor Swift’s next era of music. Like Eilish and Lizzo, in order to make waves, one must step out of the mold and create a big enough ripple. As waves are being made with more and more women speaking up and speaking out about the unbalance in the world, we must remember to stand together and support one another.

To the women out there: let’s get loud.

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