Could COVID-19 post-pone future construction in Las Vegas?

By: Brianna Fayerverger

Photo Courtesy of the Las Vegas Review Journal

Las Vegas is known as the city that never sleeps, but the coronavirus scare has left its mark. A huge part of the Las Vegas economy came to a halt in early March, leaving everything from hotels/casinos on the Las Vegas strip to restaurants, hair and nail salons, gyms and many retail stores to shut their doors upon Governor Steve Sisolak’s request. With more closures happening, where does that leave construction for the newer hotels to be built?

Upon the governors request was non-essential businesses to close their doors for a 30-day period, leaving only essential businesses open, that includes construction workers. Nevada is one of the many states to allow construction during the pandemic, while practicing safety precautions.

Las Vegas is in the midst of several new buildings in town such as the Allegiant Stadium, MSG Sphere, Virgin Hotels and a new luxurious hotel called Dream Las Vegas set to hit ground in early 2021 and finish by 2023. With thebfb8f4e0a475037a5457ef195d2d2a1d Covid-19 present, construction on these buildings will continue to take place but with precaution. Sisolak deemed homebuilding and other construction “essential” lines of work with hospitals, grocery stores and others during the public health crisis, which has sparked shutdowns and stay-at-home orders around the nation. Like anyone else, construction industry workers are at risk from the virus, which has thrown the U.S. and other countries into turmoil.

Nevada construction sites should ensure workers remain 6 feet apart, restrict meetings and gatherings to no more than 10 people and conduct daily surveys of workers’ health conditions. Workers are also required to undergo a verbal health screening.

For more information and to keep up with the Covid-19 pandemic, visit your local health districts website.



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