Big Sean Talks Elton John, Coronavirus and Detroit Rap on ‘Hot Ones’

By: David Becerra

After a long absence from the music scene Big Sean made his public return by first appearing on a 2 hour long interview for Joe Budden’s Youtube show Pull Up, to now being a guest on one of the internet’s hottest shows, Hot Ones.

Watch: Big Sean eats wings, talks coronavirus on 'Hot Ones'

For those who aren’t familiar with the show, Hot Ones, their motto is “The show with hot questions and even hotter wings.” On the show, guests are interviewed and broken down by Sean Evans while eating REALLY HOT wings. Like really hot. Some of the flavors have names such as, Ghost-reaper, Widow Maker, and “The Last Dab” which hits the guests with 3.3 million Scoville Heat Units. The shows guests are celebrities from all realms of life ranging from, athletes, musicians, actors, comedians, etc.

On this episode, Hot Ones made their way to Detroit to interview the Grammy nominated rapper. They chatted about things from Detroit’s Sweetwater Tavern, which Sean claims has the best wings in the city, to working as a telemarketer, Elton John, Detroit rappers and the cancelation of Coachella which Sean was scheduled to perform at next month. 

Big Sean recalled the night in which he learned that Elton John was a big fan of his. Elton John called Sean on his birthday and the two discussed personal growth and spiritual journeys, which meant a lot to the Detroit rapper.

Elton John, Big Sean - Elton John and Big Sean Photos - 60th ...

Sean also talked about the cancelation of the Coachella music festival due to growing Coronavirus concerns.

“I was definitely looking forward to Coachella being now,” Sean says. “I was very excited for that, this was the first time I had my slot but I understand, you gotta be safe.” He said he has always been a germaphobe and has always wiped down plane seats way before the Coronavirus was even a concern. 

The part of the interview where things got real spicy is when Sean was asked why Detroit constantly punches outside of its weight class when it comes to lyrically inclined rappers. 

Big Sean finds zen, defends Detroit-style pizza, and talks ...

DA’ BOMB hot sauce proved to be a little too much for the “Bounce Back” rapper as he used a couple lifelines including water and yogurt. 

Big Seans answer came with sweat, tears and tissues as he simply answered “Because, it’s Detroit. You know?” 

The interview wrapped up with Sean giving a couple of movie and book recommendations to the audience and him making a metaphor by comparing the show and its wing flavors to life. 

“My main focus is the new album, excited to give to the world, it’s been way to f****** long.” All we can do now is wait for the rapper’s highly anticipated fifth studio album “Detroit 2(sequel to 2012’s Detroit). The official release date is yet to be revealed. 

Watch Big Sean’s Hot Ones episode down below.


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