Swift and Peep – Two Netflix Documentaries Worth Watching

Grace Meyer | April 3, 2020

Staying home means needing to find things to fill our days. From video games to finally getting to start that hobby, we find ourselves doing anything to stay in as much as possible. Netflix binges and movie watching are also worming their ways into our day-to-day. This week, I decided to blend movies and music and watch two documentaries about two very different musicians.

I began my dive into the rabbit hole of music documentaries with pop sensation Taylor Swift’s Miss Americana. Swift revealed a lot about what it meant to be in the spotlight at her young age and the mental and physical tolls that stardom caused her. I have never really known who Taylor Swift is. I knew what the media portrayed her as a skinny singer with a past of short-lived romances, but I never knew past that. This movie was a beautiful window into the world of a child brought up into stardom from the young age of 9.

The film is a collage of personal recordings, media reports and personal interviews of Swift. Although I won’t go too deep into the film in hopes that you will watch it yourself, I do want to say that I have learned so much about Swift in the past hour and a half, and because of this, I feel more respect for her. I know the media and people on social media have had moments of hatred for her and have made fun of her for her past, but this documentary shows a more human side to her. Something I think we forget when we read up on celebrities. The documentary gave Swift the ability to speak, something that she is starting to grow into. She is becoming more and more vocal about issues that she comes across and believes in and doing so unapologetically, and for that, I give major props to Swift and this positive change.

After that, I decided to watch Lil Peep: Everybody’s Everything to end my short trip. I must say, this was an amazingly done and was a beautifully done tribute to Gus Ahr’s life. Even if you haven’t listened to his music, I strongly recommend this movie solely to the fact that it showed himself as more than his music. It talked about Peep as a human and with interviews from family, friends and those that he worked with.

Again, I’m only going to briefly talk about the documentary and I strongly urge you to watch it on your own time. This is truly a great piece of media that beautifully displays who Peep was, what he was about and what he believed in. Peep, like Swift, was influential and had an infectious presence. Both artists have used their mediums to convey messages and show their true selves to the world, and you can clearly see this creative mindset in their respective documentaries.
These two documentaries were an amazing look into an artist’s life, and it’s a great way to waste time while social distancing. So, keep watching your Netflix, check out a music documentary or two, learn something new about someone and enjoy this time of doing nothing.

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