Chinatown.. for now


By Mohammed Nabi

With COVID-19 making a comfortable stay in today’s world. Before Gov. Sisolak’s executive order of all non-essential business to be shut down, one of the first industries to be hit and negatively affected are Chinatowns. Chinatowns all over the country are all pretty similar, they fill up a couple shopping centers, a couple miles long. They offer business for basically anything and everything. From fish markets to travel affairs and taxes.Mobilus In Mobili Flickr_0

People were taking precautions to make sure they did not get contaminated by COVID-19, and with that, they have for the time being stopped shopping at Chinatown. Which made it very clear that business has begun to slow down.

Layoffs pay cuts and reduced hours were the first to happen, then business and restaurants at Chinatown began closing.


Business owners questioned why they were being treated like this, The President of the Las Vegas Asian Chamber of Commerce Sonny Vinuya wants people to know just because they are Asian, it does not mean they all have the Corona virus.

With this virus coming around, the economic impact it already has had in these family owned restaurants has been crucial. Before Gov. Sisolak’s shut down, Chinatown stores, business and restaurants has already seen a 40% drop in profit. No one was ready for this impact, no one knew this impact could have lasted this long.


Most of us have been affected by this outbreak of COVID-19. But with China reporting that there have been no new cases of the corona virus there, can give us hope. But for now, let’s stay inside, and help flatten the curve.


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