Jason Voorhees: Power Ranking

By: Nick Vita

The character of Jason Voorhees has an onscreen growth that many main characters will never have, especially when it comes to horror films. Through each part of the Friday the 13th series, Jason takes on a different look, as well as a different skill set. From a mutated boy drowning in the Camp Crystal Lake to a futuristic cyborg stalking a space station team in the year 2455, Jason has climbed the ranks of power. Which version of Jason Voorhees is the most powerful though? Without a doubt, Uber Jason from Jason X is the strongest we have ever seen the summer camp killer. Well that was maybe a little too easy, and a little unfair, because he was rebuilt by insanely powerful technology. What about Jason in his raw “human” form? Here I will rank all the Jason’s from weakest to strongest. Before that, there must be some rules. I will only include the Jason’s from the films. The books or game or anything else like that don’t count here. I also won’t include the remake Jason from Friday the 13th (2009). Friday the 13th: Part 1 and Friday the 13th: A New Beginning (Part 5) also won’t be on this list, because Jason was not in those films. In the first one, he was just a child and only appeared in flashbacks. In part five, Jason was dead, and the killer was really a copycat killer. Jason X will be ranked, but only before he became Uber Jason. With the rules all laid out, that leaves us with nine ranked places.


#9 Easily the weakest version of Jason comes from Friday the 13th: Part 2. In this movie, Jason is still pretty much a human. He has a mutated face, but he isn’t this hulking monster yet. He wears overalls and a sack over his head. He doesn’t even have the famous hockey mask in this one yet. (On a side note, I think this is the coolest and scariest Jason has ever looked. The sack over the head is just so backwoods looking and unsettling.) This Jason is new to murdering and it shows. We see him clumsily make his way around the camp. He trips all over the place as he chases the camp counselors. Yes, he runs in this film. He didn’t even know his own rules yet. He even gets kicked in the balls, which bring him a lot of pain, putting him out of the fight for a little while. At one point, he knows a counselor is hiding under a bed. Jason decides to stand on a wooden chair and wait for the counselor to appear. When she does, the chair breaks and Jason falls to the floor, making for an embarrassing moment on Jason’s behalf. That same counselor finds a chainsaw and charges Jason with it, who actually moves backwards in fear. Very pathetic.

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#8 Next up is Jason from Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (Part 4). This was a close one for ninth place. If part two Jason and part four Jason were to fight to the death, part four Jason would win. That’s the only reason part four Jason isn’t in last place. Other than that, this Jason actually gets killed and is officially dead, AND he gets killed by a kid! Jason’s kills aren’t that impressive as well in this one, but it all makes sense as to why he’s weaker here.

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#7 Jason from Friday the 13th: Part 3 gets seventh place. Part four takes place right where three left off. This would explain why Jason is weaker in part four. He hasn’t had a lot of time to recover from part three. In part three though, Jason is strong. This is where he finally gets his hockey mask, which I believe makes him feel stronger, (and it probably does). In this movie Jason is squeezing heads, popping eyes out of their socket. That’s strong. Jason kills one girl with a harpoon gun. He shoots her from about 50 feet away, and it hits her right in the eye. How did he learn to shoot so accurately? Although Jason is still a bit clumsy in this movie, he is definitely strong. At the end, he gets hung by the neck and easily lifts himself out of the noose with one hand. He also got physically bigger in this film, so to do this is really impressive. He eventually takes an axe to the face and this doesn’t kill him. In part four he takes a similar hit and it does kill him.

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Luckily for me, this series has a split from parts four to six that really gives Jason a boost in power. Like I said earlier, Jason was killed in part four and remained dead until the beginning of part six, where he was brought back to life by being zapped by a bolt of lightning. For whatever reason this lightning made him so much stronger in the second half of the franchise than in the first half.

#6 Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday (Part 9) is a strange one to rank on a list like this. The movie barely has any Jason in it, because he’s blown to bits in the first 15 mins of the movie. His heart was the only thing that survived. The plot of the movie is that Jason’s heart moves from person to person when eaten. His soul then possesses the person and he has complete control of them. This is so crazy powerful, and so clearly the winner of a list like this. Being able to swap from person to person basically whenever is an unstoppable power. That’s boring though, and I wanted to stick to Jason’s physical forms and not deal with spirits. With that being said, this Jason gets sixth place. “Human” Jason is in the very beginning and the very end, where he gets resurrected back to his normal self, hockey mask and all. As for how powerful this version of Jason is though… He is easily stronger than the Jason’s pre part six. I would say he’s the weakest of the post part six movies though. By this point in the series, Jason had taken a pretty bad beating. He’s not at his strongest in this movie. That’s why I think they went in the direction of his soul being the main character.

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#5 Jason X (Part 10) is next up. Again, if I were to count Jason’s nanotechnology form where he turns into Uber Jason, then he would be at number one for “human” Jason’s. Before he transforms into that version, he’s still just normal Jason in the year 2455. This version of Jason is a little stronger than part nine, because he’s able to take out more people in this one even with the crazy future technology that everyone has to stop him with. In this one he’s be frozen for over 400 years. That’s has to wear on a person, even Jason.

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#4 This is where Jason starts to get powerful. Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives brings Jason back from the grave. The movie starts with the main character from part four, Tommy Jarvis, the same boy who killed Jason, visiting his grave to make sure he’s really dead. Years have passed and Tommy is an adult now. Jason is actually dead, but that doesn’t stop Tommy from ripping off a part of the metal graveyard fence and sticking it through Jason’s corpse. Unfortunately, Tommy decided to do this on a stormy night. A lightning bolt strikes Jason, awakening him once again. This Jason is strong… Really strong. For his first kill he punches someone through the chest ripping out their heart. What a way to return. From this movie on, Jason has an anger that fuels him. He’s pissed and it shows. This Jason was ready to kill, because he put on gloves and has a utility belt with various tools for killing. At one point, he kills three people with one swipe of his machete. That’s a first for him. This movie also shows that Jason is bullet proof. Nobody has ever thought to shoot him before this movie. Either way it doesn’t work well.

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#3 Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood only improves on the Jason from part six. By this point in the series Jason’s body is totally decaying. The skin on his back is basically all gone, and we get to see his spine. That doesn’t mean he’s weak, just the opposite. In this movie, Jason has to go up against a girl with telekinetic powers. She really puts up a fight, but it’s also kind of cheating when you can move anything with your mind. Jason takes a massive beating in this movie. He’s hung, electrocuted and even set on fire. Any other Jason would have tapped. Despite the brutal beating he takes; he still provides the audience with some of the most powerful kills yet. He throws bodies across the room like they’re nothing.

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#2 I really didn’t want to include this next one on the list, but I had no excuse not to. Jason from Freddy vs. Jason gets second place. This movie is just a little too cartoonish and over the top for a Friday the 13th movie, and that’s saying a lot. By that I mean, anytime Jason hits someone or throws someone, they go flying… like too far. It’s so unrealistic and is almost played for laughs. However, I have to go with it. Let’s say this is cannon. If he’s really throwing people that far, he is SO strong then. That’s just a physical strength from Jason that we haven’t seen yet. In part seven, Jason throws people across the room. In this movie he throws people literally across the forest. Also, he takes out Freddy Krueger, which is pretty impressive.

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#1 The number one most powerful Jason has to be from Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan. At first this may not seem right. Jason from Freddy vs. Jason is clearly a stronger villain. As much as I feel that Jason shouldn’t count, whatever. He probably is the strongest, even with those ridiculous flying bodies. This Jason from part eight, while weaker than F vs. J, has one ability that boosts him to the top of this list. In other Friday movies, Jason always seems to disappear. We think he’s in one place but then really, he’s somewhere else. Is he just running from spot to spot when nobody is looking, or is something else going on? At the end of part seven Jason is drowned and remains at the bottom of Camp Crystal Lake. When eight begins, Jason who’s still underwater, gets shocked by an electrical cable, bringing him back to life yet again, and giving him the power of teleportation! Without a doubt, Jason teleports in this movie. In previous installments it’s a little questionable how he gets around, but 100% in part eight he can teleport. He does it multiple times. There is a scene one a ship where Jason is chasing someone. They get to the mast of the ship. The guy being chased begins climbing. Jason is still on the ground. When the guy reaches the top, Jason is already up there. How did he do that? He teleported. In another scene, he’s now chasing a girl and they reach a dance hall. Jason teleports around the room, right in front of her. It’s not even a question at this point. He CAN teleport. Match this power with his already incredible strength and you have yourself the most powerful version of Jason in a Friday the 13th movie.

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