Grab Your Parents And Go See The World!

By: Kelsey Olsen

It wasn’t until I was a freshman at the University of Vermont that I realized traveling with your parents isn’t as common as I grew up thinking.

My mom used to take my sisters and I on a trip, that wasn’t for a sport, at least three times a year from the time my twin sister and I were two years old. Heck, we spent our 10th birthday in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico swimming with dolphins! I know what you’re thinking, “that’s easy to do when you’re rich and can afford it,” but in all reality, we’re very middle class- my mom just prioritized money differently.


When I was packing up for spring break my freshman year, going to Cabo (obviously), my roommate pointed out that it was a little unheard of to bring your parents with you on a spring break trip. To me, it was just a fun trip where I would be in a different country but have the comfort of my mom there, not even considering this is a whole different ballgame than a regular family trip.

My mom has taken us all over Mexico, the United States, and Canada always giving us the same rules before we start the trip: meet me in my room for dinner every night and text me when you leave and return to the hotel. Simple, yet effective and something my sisters and I would follow respectfully.

When I decided to go on a spring break trip to Cabo my freshman year with my mom, twin sister, and our mom’s new husband, we realized how cool it is to be old and traveling with your parents. My mom would be dancing with us until 3 am, socializing with our friends and the fraternity men, and slowly became the life of the party over the course of that trip.


It’s been three years since that trip and our friends still bring up the memories and moments of us being the only people to bring our parents to spring break, but they always say that our parents were the best part of that trip.

Our mom still takes us on trips every year, it gets harder to do now that we’re older and about to really start adulthood after graduation in May. The trips are something I look forward to every year and hope they will continue every year, although this year could be an exception.

COVID-19 has affected everyone in different ways, one of the ways it’s affected everyone is the lack of traveling. This time of the year is a perfect time to get out there and see the world, especially for a graduation trip or end of the school year trip. My twin and I begged our mom to take us to Cabo for our graduation trip, not just because it’s an amazing place but because of the memories it holds for my family.

Although we might not get to go on a trip right after graduation, there’s going to be plenty more opportunities to see the world and make some memories with my family.


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