DC’s Ultimate Villain The Reverse Flash

by Nestor Sanchez

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In February DC Comic hosted the Tournament Of Terror which is a bracket-style tournament where people vote the best Villian. After a month of voting DC recently announced that the winner of the tourney is the archenemy of the fastest man alive, The Reverse-Flash. While there have been several Reverse-Flashs through DC’s continuity Hunter Zoloman, The Rival, Daniel West but the one who came on top was Eobard Thawne. While Thawne has switched between Reverse-Flash and Professor Zoom regardless of the name used, he has earned the title of the ultimate villain.

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The Reverse-Flash is no doubt a unique character. Some examples to probe this are as follows. 1.He is from the future 2. He created the Negative Speed Force and 3. He murdered Barry Allen’s mother just to make his life a living hell as a child. The thing that sets him apart from other villains is that he can’t exist without Barry Allen. I’m not talking about how stereotypical relationship other villains have with their arch enemies. Lex Luthor wouldn’t be evil if he didn’t feel that Superman was a threat to humanity or the Joker wouldn’t be who he is if Batman didn’t push him into a chemical bath. Eobard Thawne is a living paradox and only exists in the future where Barry Allen is The Flash

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Eobard Thawne like many characters has multiple origins but the things that have been in all of them is he started off as a fan of The Flash. The Flash was everything to Thawne before he started his life of crime; he worked at The Flash Musume. He knew everything about The Flash and aspired to be a hero like him. He recreated the accident that gave Barry Allen his powers and learned he is destined to be the Reverse-Flash. From that day on, the dedication being everything that Barry Allen his reverse.

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