Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas


By: Amber Wilson


The 2020 NFL Draft won’t be taking place in Las Vegas due to this huge pandemic of COVID-19 taking away huge opportunities for Vegas to make history for the first time NFL sports.  With the NFL considering all it’s options and could possibly let Super Bowl LVIII, be held at the new Allegiant Stadium here in Las Vegas.

Before Las Vegas can have this opportunity, many factors need to be weighed out. As of now, Super Bowl LVIII is scheduled to be held in New Orleans on February 11, 2024. Due to Mardi Gras starting two days before Super Bowl causes some concern for the NFL and this is where Las Vegas might be considered to host. Of course, if they move forward with this decision, this will be Las Vegas’ first Super Bowl that the Las Vegas Raiders would host at our new stadium.  Since we can’t have the draft here, what better way to make up for that loss with a Super Bowl.

By the time they are considered to host the Super Bowl, Allegiant Stadium will have been open for nearly five years and have all the logistics figured out. New Orleans will not miss the opportunity to host a Super Bowl, the NFL could let them host the 2025 Super Bowl.

If the Raiders were able to ever host one would be a great honor. It’s beneficial to any city when they host the Super Bowl Pro draft because it brings in business to hotels, restaurants and many more businesses. To bring in people from all over the United States to visit for a huge event like the Super Bowl.

Even if the Raiders weren’t in the Super Bowl (say in Las Vegas) two other teams were playing in our stadium.  The Las Vegas Raiders still benefit because the stadium has our vendors, our merchandisers, our suites, etc.  I’m sure whatever ticket revenue we make, a piece of that goes back to the NFL somehow but a good portion of profit has to go back to the Raiders because they are using their venue and resources mainly. The city just feels the effects of all these people being here.

If the Super Bowl doesn’t happen for Vegas in 2024, there are many years to come filled with many opportunities to give us the chance to show what we have to offer as a team and state new to the football business.

The last time the Raiders hosted a Super Bowl was never, so this would not only make history for Vegas but history for the Raiders to have the opportunity to host a Super Bowl for the first time ever. What a great headline that will make when it does happen in their new home of Las Vegas at Allegiant Stadium. A Super Bowl could be in the future for Las Vegas.



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