Post Malone Raises Millions for Charity

By: Mikaila Becze

It’s no secret that COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on everything and everyone across the globe. One of the major non-life threatening things effected is the music industry. Some of the biggest concert promoters like AEG and LiveNation canceling all events across North America, while other music promoters and artists have canceled their own tours around other parts of the globe. Although these concert halls are closing, it isn’t stopping artists like Post Malone from performing.

The Hip Hop and R&B artist swapped genres just last Friday to perform a Nirvana tribute. The main purpose of the at-home concert was to raise money for the World Health Organization COVID-19 Relief Fund. He was able to raise over 3 million USD for the charity. Google also agreed to match the money raised by up to 5 million.

Post Malone wasn’t the only familiar face on the stream either. Blink 182 band member, Travis Barker, was the drummer for the music set. The two paired up for over an hour and a half to perform a 15 song set up.

Courtney Love, the widow to Nirvana’s lead singer Kurt Cobain, gave Malone her blessings publicly on Instagram days before the show went live.

Screen Shot 2020-04-30 at 12.42.22 PM.png

“Thank you @postmalone @who & @google… thank you mighty kc for writing these songs that the kids still want to sing and play and hear and use to fight and hunt and cure and heal and eradicate this fucking covid19 virus. I approve the usage. Good luck Mr. Malone” Love wrote in an Instagram post.

Malone didn’t stop his charitable efforts when the stream ended. Today he announced that he will donate a million dollars more to a charity of his fans choice.

“I had so much fun doing the live stream… I feel so inspired that I want to give away a million dollars & I need your help doing it:) Tell me what causes are the most important to you? What r u most passionate about?”

Fans will now have time to respond to Malone and help make a difference yet again together. 

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