Day Trips near UNLV

While practicing quarantining and social distancing spending time outdoors has become more popular and is a great way to do some much-needed exploring. Outdoor recreation can be a great way to get out of the house and enjoy some time in the sun. It’s an excellent way to relax your mind, move your body, and have fun. About 45 minutes away from the UNLV campus isthomas-haas-rbcLVmezlTo-unsplash Lake Mead, one of the most popular outdoor recreation sites in Nevada. 

The area is known for its natural beauty and scenery — and with spring flowers blooming there will be lots of wildflowers from bright yellow bear poppies to desert primroses and cholla cacti. Lake Mead is also home to many different types of wildlife from lizards to bighorn sheep. Some features of the lake are currently closed in response to COVID-19, but these modifications don’t mean you have to postpone your visit. Parking at the lake is currently closed, but there are parking and walking paths accessible just outside the lake. A great place to park is at the trailhead parking lots at Historic Railroad Trail and the park visitor center which remains open. Near this parking is the mesmerizing River Mountain Loop Trail which spans 34 miles, or visitors can park and then venture into the lake areas via foot or bicycle. Inside the lake area, overlooks, shoreline areas (not beach), trails, and fishing are still open for adventure.

If boating is more you’re style, you can still launch boats on the Arizona side just a short drive further down. Speaking of, the Arizona side may be the best place to head as its facilities are accessible with picnic areas and beaches still open —  just remember to stay 6 feet apart.

By Matisse Johnson

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