Child Endangerment


By Charles Williams

The documentary of Gabriel Fernández has blown up all over social media. The case of the eight-year-old boy who was murder by his mother and her boyfriend is now on Netflix. A little boy was taken away from the world too early, because of a weak system ran by LA County. No one stepped in to help this little boy and Netflix displayed the bystanders that did nothing to help Gabriel. Gabriel’s tragedy has those online feeling like there could have been more done to help him survive the torture. Even with the story being seven years ago, it is relevant because stuff like this can happen all the time.

Scrolling down Twitter this evening I saw a picture of a little boy and it was talking about his death. Next to the picture of the boy was an autopsy of the boy. He had trauma all over his body, from the abuse from his mother and her boyfriend. His skull was beaten in, his skin was ripped, and had two bullet holes in his body from a BB gun. Every part of the body was battered, and this was a child. Images like this do not last on social media for a reason because of the severity of the content being displayed. A lot of people have said that they are not able to finish the documentary because of the pain and fear Gabriel went through.

The impact that the documentary has for the youth is good. It brings awareness to those who are going through tough times. If something mischievous is going on, report it do not wait until the last second. Many viewers want to attack the justice system for failing this little boy, by letting his parents keep him after bad visits recorded by social workers. The social workers and sheriffs that did nothing explains why people feel distraught about this documentary. Not one person intervened, that is ridiculous, and those people should be ashamed.

Social media is sharing information that is relevant to all viewers, not a select group anymore. The story about Gabriel Fernández shows how we get our information on various types of platforms. Netflix did a great job going into depth about the story and not going too far off subject. I applaud them for that and letting the people involved tell the story instead of trying to juice it up.  


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