A Q/A with Peachole

Out of the suburbs of Las Vegas comes a punk-rock artist with a new unique sound that is one to behold for those looking for interesting underground music. Her artist name is Peachole and coming with her sound, her cats, and her bandmates she has an aura to her that is represented through the music. I got to speak with Peachole to get into her mind and see where she comes from artistically and where she derives a lot of her inspiration from. She agreed to do an interview and I wanted to know more about her specific song construction as well as how she goes about her song output.

At the beginning of the interview I simply asked how she was and she said she was good. I accidentally said her name incorrectly as “Arielle” rather than “Adrianna” so that was awkward. Shortly after we introduced ourselves there was a loud cat’s cry and proceeding that was laughter from Arielle. She said her cat is sad when it can’t get into her room. I then asked her when she started music.

Richard: When did you start making music?

Peachole (Adrianna): I started when I was like 15. Originally I went by the name Hex and it really wasn’t the type of music I create now. It was more electronic at the time and I would just sort of scream over tracks. My first track was called Hex-Intro.

Q: What instrument do you play if any?

A: I play guitar and bass. I like playing bass more.

Q: Who else is in your band?

A: I actually write all of it and come up with everything. I had some friends from our band class back in high-school help.

Q: How about live performances? Who plays with you then?

A: I have a lot of friends that help with the live performances. My friends Pudgel, Alek, and Jainie play for live performances and they go pretty good.

Q: What type of inspirations do you have for music?

A: I usually just seem to get into a specific genre if I look for inspiration from music. For In Pigment I was pretty inspired by the genre Grunge to create that. I really like Ty Segall. Usually, for songs and ideas, I get inspired by personal experiences and things that happen. I like The Flaming Lips.

Q: How about when you were growing up? What type of music did you listen to then?

A: Lady Gaga. I still like Lady Gaga a lot.

Q: What can we look forward to from Peachole? Have you been working on anything recently you really want to put out?

A: Right now I am working on a 20 song album I really want to put out. I’m working on finishing that. I have a new single coming out soon. It’s called Paris Hilton’s Dog

Q: What’s your construction method for actually creating the music?

A: I use Garageband to put the music together. For creating it I usually think about things in the moment. It comes to me. I’ll think about the lyrics throughout the day and it usually comes together. I usually create the songs from start to finish in one day.

Q: What does the song on In Pigment “Pjqyb?” Mean? Does it stand for anything?

A: Oh that, haha, it means Okay?. I messed up trying to type “Okay?” and it came out like that.

Q: You really messed up the word “Okay” that bad?

A: Yeah, I was really tired. I was just pressing buttons.

Q: If you had to sell Peachole to a new listener what would you tell them?

A: It’s fun…. And cool.

Q: What about your live shows, what’s different from the live shows?

A: They are a lot different. More fun! We’ve been performing for a while now and it’s usually at house parties and events. We have performed at bunkhouse before.

After this interview, I took the time to think of Peachole’s place here in the Vegas music scene and as a whole. Las Vegas is a tourism hotspot but little would anyone visiting know is that boiling around away from the strip is a bustling music scene. This music scene has various elements from underground rap, EDM, and punk. From the north Las Vegas originating upcoming rappers like Jay Styles to the producers making waves on social media like Lord Canine, there is an artist in the midst that sounds and looks like no other. Peachole being the punk-rock music artist really has a knack for creating what she feels just sounds good.

I really wanted to try and understand Peachole better and to get into her head to see how her influences can come into the picture with the different things I knew about her now. I listened to Ty Segall and heard the grueling, sifting, deep bass that engulfed the track and it was immediately reminiscent of almost any Peachole track. I feel like the hypnotizing sound that Peachole has is distinct though and like no other artist I have come across. Another artist she listed was The Flaming Lips who have weird, almost totally random, song lyrics. They also have flowing, progressive songs that often take aim at sensitive/controversial ideas. I can definitely see these artists bleed through in Peachole’s music as her influences. 

One thing I was genuinely surprised about was her production method. She used Garageband for the music. As someone who makes music myself, I was really just in awe after giving her music a listen back to know she created such noisy, eclectic, anthem-like tracks such as “Ginger Queen”, and “Kick Me Nicky” all in Garageband. Besides the music, she’s just a really friendly and honestly normal person. She was such a normal person to talk to. Knowing what she posts on social media you would wonder how she is to speak to but we talked about what music she likes, her cats crying at the door, and even how I missaid her name at the beginning of the interview. Taking a look at her social media you can see pictures of sandwiches cut into hearts and bread/ramen with candles in it, but it really does fit the Peachole vibe in my opinion. Everything about her music embodies what she is as a person and who she portrays. To me, Peachole is the new underground sound that could really shake things up in the mainstream if she does get that “one” to make it.

 Check out Peacholes’ music here!

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