A Beginner’s Guide to Astrology

By: Lauren Hyde

Anytime “astrology” or “zodiac signs” are mentioned the first thing that comes to mind probably has to do with basic teenage girls blindly following a phony trend. There are many stereotypes connected to this practice of looking to the stars for guidance. Astrology is the study of how the constellations and planets influence human behavior. There are twelve zodiac signs, which are categorized by date. You can figure out what your sign is based on your birthday. Your zodiac sign can tell you about your strongest personality traits; your strengths and your flaws. All of this information is based on where the stars and planets were aligned when you were born, otherwise known as your birth chart. Some live by this like a religion, but it can also simply be a form of entertainment. You can choose to dive deep into the practice or just have fun with it. It’s completely up to you. Here you will find a compilation of social media accounts, apps, and other resources to check out whether you’re a beginner or already have an understanding of astrology. These sources provide engaging interaction for all levels.  

Let’s start with social media.

Instagram & Twitter accounts to follow:

@glossy_zodiac 4.1 million followers

A zodiac sign meme account that takes relatable problems and then matches the signs to photos of celebrities and fictional characters. 

@kayxstars 194K followers

Another meme account that creates different scenarios and uses scenes from TV shows and movies to illustrate how the different zodiac signs would react.

@sanctuarywrld 941K followers

An aesthetically pleasing page full of graphics and charts about each of the signs personality traits. Provides a bit more of a serious tone than the previously mentioned accounts, but is still fun and light hearted.

@nadinejane_astrology 259K followers

An inspirational account that posts sayings, phrases, poems, and advice pertaining to all of the signs through all seasons. Also offers in depth explanations about when the moon phases change and what they mean.

@themoontarot 708K followers

This account has a serious tone as it provides daily advice and astrology education. Instead of focusing on the signs individually, the content is inspired by the phases of the moon and current position of the planets.

@horoscopes 960K followers

Posts include daily astrological forecasts that apply to everyone. Defines the signs based on things like, “How Autumn affects your sign” or “The signs that survived the Titanic.” Visually very minimalistic, black and white text posts, but still entertaining.

@poetastrologers  635K followers

Here you’ll find weekly horoscopes for each of the signs and funny tweets of how the signs react in different situations. Over all, it has a relatable tone.

@ZodiacFacts 1.4 million followers

Tweets include up to date advice for all of the zodiac signs, how the signs get along with each other, and each sign’s key dates to pay attention to during the month. 

Apps to download: 

Time Passages

This app may seem overwhelming if you’re fairly new to astrology. There’s a lot of terminology that will be hard to follow if you’re not already familiar with it. But there are tabs within the app that will teach you about the terminology. The advanced features make this app great for anyone that wants to take a deeper celestial journey into astrology. This app is free to download. 


This app provides an in-depth daily horoscope. Everyday it gives you pieces of advice and identifies what areas of your life to expect struggles and power in. When you put in your birthday, including the location and time at which you were born, it also generates your birth chart. The birth chart explains how the positions of the sun, moon, Mercury, and the rest of the planets correlate to your qualities; for example how you communicate with others, deal with anger, etc. You can also add friends to this app and see how their horoscopes relate to yours. This app is also free to download. 

Astrology Zone 

Created by famous New York City astrologer Susan Miller, Astrology Zone is also the name of her website which she has been running for 25 years. In the app you can find short daily horoscopes, an in-depth monthly horoscope, and “key dates” for the entire month based on the moon phases and where the planets will be. There are additional tabs that will help educate you about the other signs and planets, which makes it a good app for beginners. The app is free to download, but some additional features require a subscription.


Zenned Out

A blog that shares knowledge on the physical practices of astrology. From crystals and tarot cards to understanding chakras and auras, there are plenty of DIY projects   that will get you actively involved in the culture.

Kyle Thomas Astrology

Kyle Thomas’ blog combines astrology and pop culture. He writes about the astrological compatibility of celebrity relationships, romantic and friendships, how astrology lead Game of Thrones to win numerous Emmys, and an astrological analysis of Netflix’s “Tiger King.” 

These are just some suggested starting points to learn from and expand your astrological knowledge. There’s tons of information on this subject across multiple platforms, which makes it accessible to everyone. There’s most likely a niche within astrology that appeals to your interests. Hopefully these sources will spark your curiosity to continue on. 

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