Everyone Hates Bella Throne and This Is Why

In a society where sex work has become more normalized, it seems like everyone wants to try it out. That was the case for a curious Bella Thorne this past summer. As more women have discovered the liberating and powerful sex work industry, they have become their own boss. In the case of 32 year old Joannah C., she is no stranger to sex work. Having been in the industry, on and off for eight years, she has seen many women come and go. For Joannah, sex work isn’t some kind of easy little job she does for fun. Like several other sex workers, Bella Thorne’s “experiment,” had caused even more controversy for them and affected their regular income. In case you’ve been avoiding the internet this summer amid the pandemic, Bella Thorne decided to go out of her way to create an Only Fans account. From the beginning, Bella had stated she would not be showing nudes on her account. With that in mind, she did however amass an impressive 1.2 million subscribers in a matter of days. During her experiment, Bella sent her subscribers a  $200 P.P.V. message claiming to have an image of her nude. When her subscribers asked what kind of naked $200 photo was she sending she responded with, “No clothes naked 😉.” This of course had several of her subscribers willing to pay for the image. The aftermath however, was not what she had advertised. Bella had scammed her subscribers out of $200 and did not deliver on her end of the deal. The deceit had left many of her subscribers in rage had demanding they get their money back. The creators of Only Fans had been bombarded with requests for a refund which sent the company in a panic. It seems as though right after the mass request of refunds, Only Fans had changed their policies for all of their creators. The changes include a 30 day payout, $100 max tip and a $50 max post price. Although in the case of Joannah, she had not experienced the 30 day payout rule was regularly getting paid. Bella’s excuse for trying out the platform was for research purposes she was conducting for an alleged project. Joannah states, “Times is hard right now because of Coronavirus yeah and then Bella Throne fucked everything up too,” she says in an annoyed tone. “A lot of guys are leaving Only Fans because of that. Yeah so I had a certain amount of traffic and followers on their and it almost cut in half now because of Bella Thorne.” A lot of sex workers can relate to what happened to Joannah as well, many of which took to Twitter to express their frustration. The actions of Bella Thorne’s “experiment” only brought more backlash to the already controversial industry. It made a mockery of sex workers who take this serious and actually depend on this kind of industry as their main source of income. Joannah reminds us that sex work is hard work. They have to endure a lot of mental and physical exhaustion. Sex workers receive constant harassment from society and will always have people look down at them. Not everyone is able to do sex work and Bella Thorne certainly let us know why celebrities should stay out of the business. This experiment has reminded a lot of people that sex workers do in fact work hard for their money and actions like this can have a negative affect on them and their likelihood.

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