Sani Bronco’s Quest to Finish his Debut Album

Photo courtesy of Sani Bronco

By: Gabriela Rodriguez

Times have been rough in the music industry since the spread of Covid-19 earlier this year. The future is uncertain but is nowhere near the end. Bands have scrambled to figure out what to make of their situation. For Sani Bronco, the start of Covid-19 came at the worst possible time; during the recording process of his debut album.

David Medina is a local rocker who has been involved in the music scene for years. Like many kids, he discovered his interest in music through attending house shows. His older brother also played a great part in his interest in  music. Sergio Media was part of a popular local band Stolas, who was later signed to Blue Swan Records. Although they broke up, Sergio still plays for a band that is signed to the label.

David played in a local band, Spokes. They did the usual local house show and small venue gigs but split up after a couple of years. Last year David decided to start a new project. Taking the stage name, “Sani Bronco”, he was ready to write music again.

He was studying architecture at the University of Las Vegas, Nevada but any free time he had was dedicated to writing and devouring music. In January David’s brother presented him with the opportunity to record an album in Sacramento with a producer for Blue Swan Records, he had to decide between continuing school or making his dreams happen.

“I felt this enormous pressure to take this recording opportunity.”

He decided to put his schooling on hold and head to Sacramento in January to begin recording. On this solo journey, David made the eight-hour drive and spent twenty days working on his album from the morning to the night. He slept in a RV the producer had available, where he lived, breathed and sweat his music.

Sani Bronco in the Sacramento Studio

After those twenty days had passed David called for a break. There was word of Covid-19 spreading to the states, so it seemed like a good time for him to go back home. He was scheduled to return to the studio in March, however due to the many restrictions and personal fear of the virus recording was delayed.

“Covid fucked my whole shit up.”

Anxious to finish the album, David decided to return to Sacramento to finish recording in June. Another week was spent at the studio, but they still didn’t finish. Now David is waiting on the producer to finish mixing and present the final product. He is willing to take the time necessary to reach all the components he sought out for this record.

“I’m proud of this project and I want it to be perfect.”

There are many artists who have influenced the sound of the album. Some of David’s favorites include, Bright Eyes, The Killers and Slow Thai. All different styles of music, yet somehow, he can blend them together and apply different aspects to his own sound. His overall goal is to make indie rock with a modern-day stamp. He does this by including electronic beats and modern lingo in his lyrics.

Feeling like there aren’t enough Mexican rockers in the indie scene David has focused on including parts of his culture in his music and image. Nylon guitars and Spanish lyrics are present in a few songs to achieve this nod to Mexican culture.

Since the beginning of this quest, David has been able to put out a single from his project. “Windhound”, is a track that perfectly reflects his desired sound. It mixes modern electronic noise with the rustic sound of his guitar and this gritty essence that is expected from an indie rock song. Since its release, the track has gained some attention from the Las Vegas Weekly. The mention in the article excited David and motivated him to keep going. But ultimately his own personal obsession with this project will lead to his perfected vision. This is all or nothing for Sani Bronco and he’s going all in.

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