Zero Proof: The New Way To Drink

Have you ever been in a situation where you are the designated driver and you and your friends go to the bar? You are tired of drinking soda or sparkling water and want to have a social drinking experience. You want to have fun like your friends but also want to be responsible and get your friends home safely. Well, now you are in luck because here comes zero proof cocktails to the rescue. What are Zero proof drinks you ask? They are beverages that contain no alcohol. Instead of a juice or water base, they involve a non-alcoholic spirit alternative. This still achieves the flavor and depth of alcohol in your cocktail without the alcohol. These spirit alternatives are usually made with botanicals, adaptogens, extracts, and natural flavors.

Zero proof alcohol alternatives have gained popularity due to people wanting to live a healthier lifestyle and not wanting to consume alcoholic beverages. People also want the social drinking experience without the ill effects of a hangover. Millennials have sparked a sober revolution #SoberLife and are consuming less alcohol. These drinks are a great alternative for people who have health problems, designated drivers, people who do not drink, and even an alternative for pregnant women.

Since there is a rise in popularity in no proof drinks there is also a rise in no proof bars. Initially, zero proof bars were sobriety bars that helped people in recovery for alcohol and substance abuse. Now, these bars have evolved into the latest trend for people who want the social, bar atmosphere without the added pressure to drink. Some zero proof bars serve both alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks Like No shave November, Dry January has become popular and many are people brag and post on social media about taking on the challenge. Zeo proof bars are about the experience, mood-setting, and enjoying well-crafted cocktails that are Instagram worthy. Many of these bars are located in large metropolitan cities such as Getaway in New York City, 27 Restaurant and Bar in Miami, and Sans Bars that have multiple locations in Austin, Kansas City, and Los Angeles.


There are many different brands of spirit alternatives, but two brands that really stick out and nail it with innovation and creativity are Ritual and Kin Euphorics. Ritual has three different varieties tequila, whiskey, and gin. The tequila uses traditional agave and Mexican lime. Whiskey is made with spices and American oak. The Gin is made with juniper berries and green herbs. You can drink them on the rocks are add them to your favorite cocktail recipe. Whereas Ritual is a more traditional alcohol alternative Kin Euphorics is completely different from the rest. They also come in 3 different varieties Kin Spritz, Dream Light, and High Rhode. Spritz is more like an energy drink and contains citrus and Rhodiola Rosea which helps balance cortisol levels. Dream light is a nighttime drink and contains reishi mushroom and melatonin that helps promote sleep and healthy sleep cycles. High Rhode is more for socializing and contains hibiscus and caffeine to give you energy and boost social stamina. The website gives you suggestions on what to consume with these beverages that will enhance the effects of the elixirs. You can buy both brands on their respective websites.

Now you have had a crash course in the wonderful world of zero-proof drinks. Before you go forth and try out all the different brands I leave you with a recipe for a refreshing Paloma and a calming and nourishing nightcap using Dream Light. 

Happy Non Drinking!



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