Spotify: An Innovator for Storytelling


By: Jasel Layson

Spotify, the number one streaming service for music, is now raising the game in partnership with Cherin Entertainment. As early as next year, music won’t be the only thing streaming on Spotify. You will now be able to watch some of your favorite podcasts as TV shows or movies.

Cherin Entertainment is known for producing movies like The Greatest Showman, Hidden Figures, and the Planet of the Apes franchise. The collaboration with Spotify will allow Cherin to create original shows and movies based on Spotify’s large library of podcasts. 

Spotify’s wide range of podcast genres is key to this deal. The diverse content that Cherin has to work with is unmatched. This allows them to identify what podcasts would work best for on-screen adaption. Spotify’s analytics will come in handy as they track podcast growth and performance

The popularity of podcasts has increased over the last few years. If the video content does well, audiences could go and listen to the source material. Spotify’s attempt to create more content with different mediums has the potential to boost podcast popularity even more. 

There are now over 1.5 million different podcasts on Spotify. 250 of the podcasts are Spotify originals and have what it takes to become the next big blockbuster.



According to The Wall Street Journal, Cherin plans to adapt The Clearing as one of the projects. It was produced by Pineapple Street Studios in collaboration with Gimlet. The Clearing is a podcast that follows the story of April Balascio and the discovery of her father’s past as a murderer. Based on the podcast summary, this looks like a promising docuseries. 

Currently, there is no set number of adaptations in place. Generally speaking, the deal made with Cherin Entertainment does not stop Spotify from working with other companies. Although they believe there will be a high volume of video content from this partnership. Spotify representatives and Peter Cherin have both expressed excitement about what’s to come.

As of right now, production plans are still in the early stages. There are no other projects as of yet, but Spotify predicts they will start rolling out the video content as early as next year. 

This wouldn’t be the first time a podcast has been the inspiration for a series. Amazon Prime Video picked up Lore, a podcast known for its dark storytelling. Homecoming is another popular scripted-story podcast that was turned into a TV series. They were greenlit for a second season.

Spotify competing against Apple Music is one thing. As they plan to produce video content, they are preparing themselves to become a contender for streaming giants like Netflix and Hulu. 

As the company continues to grow, these new projects prove Spotify’s ambition. There is potential here for Spotify to become the ultimate streaming platform and an innovator for storytelling.

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