What The Hell Is Cloud Bread? Plus 4 Other Viral Tik Tok Trends

If you do not know what Tik Tok is, you have been living under a rock. Tik Tok is an app made for short-form mobile videos. Most people record pranks, beauty tutorials, and other fun videos on the platform.I am one of those people that love all things food. Any new hack or recipe I can find I have to try.That is why TikTok is my go to for the fun, the weird and down right outrageous hacks.Here are 5 trends that are fun and will test your cooking skills.

#1 Dalgona Coffee 

The first viral food hack on the list is dalgona coffee. You may be asking yourself what the hell dalgona coffee is, and I am here to explain it to you. This drink is made by mixing equal parts instant coffee, sugar, and hot water. Then the mix is added to hot or cold milk. Once it is added to the mix it takes on a two-toned brown and white swirled effect. The result is a frothy creamy cup of deliciousness that you cannot put down. This hack has over 100 million views and people can not seem to get enough. Like most hacks on tik tok results may vary, they can look beautiful and perfect like this or funny disasters like that. Both ways still seem to taste delicious and give you that caffeine boost any time of day.

#2 Pancake Cereal

Next up is my personal favorite pancake cereal. This recipe combines my two favorite things pancakes and cereal together at last. This hack is pretty simple it uses your favorite pancake recipe, cook up the mini pancakes and throw them in a bowl. These can be served in many different ways, you can add butter and syrup, fruit, chocolate and if your adventurous even milk. When I saw this hack for the first time I was thinking this is a genius idea why didn’t I think of that. This is another trend that has over 10 million views and I definitely can see why. The fails on this one are pretty minimal the worse thing that can happen is you burn them like this and have to start over. Also in the cereal category is cookie cereal. This has the same premise as pancakes, it is just miniature cookies in a bowl with milk. This hack is reminiscent of  cookie crisp the difference is everyone knows homemade cookies are the best. Adding milk and a spoon just makes the experience that much better.

#3 Cloud Bread

What can I really say about this viral hack out of the bunch this one is the most overrated. Cloud bread is actually a recipe that people on keto diets and is also gluten-free and low carb. This type of bread has been around for a while been making for a long time as a bread alternative. This recipe includes cream cheese, salt eggs, and various spices. What has made this hack viral is the addition of food coloring. The recipe is very simple and only has three ingredients egg whites food coloring and sugar. I’ve seen a lot of videos of this one in particular and most people don’t like it the taste of it. The taste is not the reason the bread went viral. it was just the fact that it was visually appealing and Instagram-worthy.


#4 Tornado Omelet or Tornado Eggs

This a technique used in Korea which is basically scrambled eggs that are whirled together with a chopstick and placed on top of a mound of rice. There are different variations but what took the world by storm is the technique #tornando of swirling the egg with chopsticks as it cooks. The tutorial looks pretty straight forward but I am not coordinated enough to pull this one off successfully.


Carrot Bacon

#5 Vegan Bacon

Last but not least is Vegan Bacon this recipe is on that is close to my heart. What is vegan bacon you may ask and how exactly you veganize an animal product well I am glad you asked. This can come in different varieties, but the popular ones are carrot portobello mushroom and rice paper. Basically, the carrots are cut thin then marinated in a combination of liquid smoke, soy sauce, maple syrup, and spices. Then you put them in the oven till crispy and bacon-like. I feel like there is nothing better than bacon and being a vegan I have not been able to have any so no this doesn’t taste like bacon but yes it is pretty close and that it is good enough for me.

Now its time to go out and try all of these delicious


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