Why Our Youth Is Making The Switch

Why Our Youth Is Making The Switch 

“Apostasy is the formal disaffiliation from, abandonment of, or renunciation of a religion”(Oxford languages). Many young people are abandoning religion and switching spirituality. With spirituality, your personal beliefs guide your connection to the universe or what/who God may be to you. Many people are having awakenings and realizing how corrupt our society has become when it comes to politics, religion, social issues, and ethical issues. In an article by FiveThirtyEight a study showed that 25 percent of churchgoers said: “they disagreed with the church’s stance on political or social issues while 22 percent said they were only attending to please someone else”. Many people are seeking purpose and desiring a deeper connection with themselves and the Universe. As people are losing trust in large political and religious organizations they are seeking something different to put their faith in. Younger generations are the most open-minded when it comes to unconventional ideas and beliefs. There are many benefits to switching to a spiritual lifestyle that is not only helpful for personal growth but reshaping the future of our world. 


What Makes Spirituality Different From Many Religions

What makes spirituality different from religion is that spirituality is a more personalized and individual relationship with your beliefs. You decide what your purpose is and what it is that brings you peace. Your journey is personal and you have control over what aspects of your belief system you want to give your energy to. This is why it is so attractive to younger generations because they do not have a feeling of being controlled. Spirituality does not tell you how to live your life or force you to believe things you may not agree with. Religion is different because it is a “specific set of organized beliefs and practices” that many religions enforce you to believe. Spirituality allows you the opportunity to question the things in the universe that may not make sense to you and helps you to find comfort in the unknown instead of fearing it.  

How Has Social Media Influenced This Shift?

As social media is growing more popular globally, people now have the access to different ideas and beliefs instantly. Users on platforms such as TikTok are likely to see videos about spiritual beliefs that are popularly knowns as “spritualtoks”. There are many videos going viral that discuss topics such as 5D ascension, meditation and yoga, crystals, chakras, and more. People who have never learned about these practices and beliefs are now exposed to and becoming more open-minded to these concepts. Furthermore, platforms such a youtube have given a voice to people to spread new ideas to bigger audiences.


The Benefits and The Burdens 

Many people fear that with a decline in religion people will start to lose sight of their morality. While it may be easy for people who are not religious to find the negative aspects of religion there are some very important and valuable messages that can be taught in religious texts. For example, many of the 12 commandments in the Christian Bible are genuinely great rules for people to live by. Many people who fear religions will one day be forgotten can rest assured that people will be educated and live by many of the ideas and beliefs practiced by organized faiths. Another concern is that this may affect politics and social issues because people will become extremely divided. One of the main principles of spirituality is unity no matter what you believe. Spirituality gives people the freedom to connect to whatever is they believe without judgment. Political leaders who enforce tolerance of all beliefs are more likely to have a society that is more united.

 In order to create a world that is loving, peaceful, and utopian we have to create a society of leaders who are tolerant and accepting of all ethnicities, genders, sexualities, and more. According to a Pew Research study  “A majority (57 percent) of millennials agree that religious people are generally less tolerant of others, compared to only 37 percent of Baby Boomers.”. With the rise of spirituality, we can see that the youth desires live in a world that has less judgment of other people for their values, choices, beliefs, and all of the things that make them who they are. If more and more youth adopt practices that truly preach love for all, it will be passed down to all the future generations until the world is a better, more accepting place.

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