Why You Should Pay for Her Food…

It’s the age old question, who should pay for the meal on the first date? In an era of female empowerment and equality, this question has become more problematic and frequently discussed. If you have been on social media for awhile now, you know Twitter has had it’s own opinions circulating around this question. According to some people, they feel asking someone out and expecting them to pay for their own meal is rude. A fair amount of people would agree with that statement as well. Most people in 2020 feel like at this point, whoever asked should pay regardless of gender. So if a woman asks a man out on a date, don’t be surprised when she takes care of the bill.

There are however, a few who still play the “equality,” game and feel that people should be going dutch. A lot of men believe everyone pays for their own meal since it goes along with women wanting “equal rights.” This also brings more questions into play when it comes to relationships amongst men and women. The thought of splitting things down the middle evenly has become more accepted. Women are becoming financially independent and profressive which makes them agree with a “50/50,” deal.

Of course there are still just a very few amount of women and men who do believe it is still the man’s duty to pay for the meal. Women feel as though a man should always pay for the first meal since in most cases it is the man who has initiated the date. Some men claim it makes them feel good to take care of women in this tiny gesture as well as it leaving a good impression. Whatever your opinion is on the matter, you might just encounter someone who thinks differently so make sure to have this discussion in the beginning.

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