Is the Presidential Election Written in the Stars?

By: Lauren Hyde.

The 2020 Presidential Election is rapidly approaching with the whole process growing more chaotic every day. Last-minute rallies are televised daily and social media is full of “I Voted” sticker selfies. The election has taken over everything and likely won’t be disappearing even after November 3 passes. 

Astrologers have thrown out their predictions of how the election will play out based on Mercury’s final retrograde of the year and the candidates’ birth charts. According to Lisa Stardust, astrologer for Oprah magazine, “As an astrologer, it’s part of my job to remain neutral at all times while making judgements on mundane cosmic energies. I’m here to interpret the cosmos without a tilted perspective—and to explain the energies at play. In other words? A spoiler alert: I can’t tell you who is going to win the 2020 election. But thanks to astrology, I can give you some insight into what to expect—and how things might feel for all of us, according to the stars.” Will astrologers’ predictions be accurate about the outcome of the election? Could astrologers be the best source for unbiased news? Let’s find out what’s in store for our nation according to the stars. 

The two major candidates we have to choose from are current President Donald Trump, for the Republican party, and former Vice President Joe Biden, for the Democratic party.


According to President Trump’s birth chart, his sun is in Gemini which is also in his tenth house. The sun sign represents one’s ego and identity that they present to everyone. Geminis are authoritative, they feel the need to be accepted and acknowledged, their career is important to them, and they’re drawn to the idea of being famous. The tenth house symbolizes one’s career life. With Gemini being in his tenth house, this means that he values his success and uses it as a way to differentiate himself. This all likely explains Trump’s rise through the real estate world, to becoming a Manhattan socialite, then evolving into a reality TV star, and now serving as the President of the United States. Whether you’re a fan or not, he has changed the role and demeanor of which we associate with Commander and Chief.


Former Vice President Joe Biden’s sun sign is Scorpio. Scorpios are emotional, authentic, persuasive, strong-willed, they are able to channel their pain and suffering into positive personal transformation, and they’re good at working with others. According to his birth chart, Scorpio is in his twelfth house. The twelfth house represents one’s subconscious, dreams, and secrets. Combined with the sign of Scorpio, this means that he values his privacy and introspection and uses them as a way to distance himself from others. With the qualities of a Scorpio, it’s not a surprise that Biden has spent the majority of his life as a politician working alongside many people. He faced the tragedy of losing his wife and daughter as he was first elected to the Senate. Despite the life-changing event, he went on to serve many terms as a Senator and eventually became Barack Obama’s Vice President for two terms.    


Former VP Joe Biden’s birth chart. Born on November 20, 1942 at 8:30 AM in Scranton, PA.

In addition to the candidates’ astrological readings, Mercury’s final retrograde of 2020 ends on election day. It’s also occurring in Scorpio, the most intense zodiac sign. Mercury in retrograde is best known for throwing our lives off-balance in multiple ways. Mercury controls communication. This is a time when we can expect to experience more miscommunications than usual, which isn’t ideal for election season. There’s already confusion about mail-in ballots, worries of voter fraud, and how accurately the votes will be counted. According to Sophie Saint Thomas, who writes for Allure magazine, “No matter what happens, it’s crucial to keep an optimistic outlook. One could view the final day of a retrograde occurring on Election Day as a sign that it’s the end of an era and true to Scorpio, the start of something much better.” Could this mean the end of the Trump era and the start of Biden? Or the end of a trying year and the CoronaVirus panic? Read into that however you will. 


President Donald Trump’s birth chart. Born on June 14, 1946 at 10:54 AM in Jamaica, NY.

The candidates both have a significant relationship with Mercury. Biden is a Scorpio, Mercury was in Scorpio when he was born, and Mercury’s retrograde is currently in Scorpio once again. This could mean that any curveballs the retrograde throws at him won’t phase him as he was born during a similar time. Mercury is in Trump’s eleventh house. This house governs one’s relationships. This includes friends, peers, coworkers, and any groups he’s a part of. With Mercury in retrograde, this could mean trouble for Trump. As mentioned above, miscommunication is pretty much inevitable during this time. His staff, campaign managers, and family might have to work harder to keep their communication clear and to correct any conflicts. 


It’s not quite clear who will win based on the astrological evidence. Their personalities combined with the placement of the sun, moon, and other planets play to both candidates’ strengths and weaknesses. The electoral process is ultimately based on the votes of society as a whole. Only time will tell who will be victorious as our forty-sixth President. Whether or not you leave fate up to the stars and regardless of who you want to represent this country, it’s important to make your voice heard by voting.

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