Dexter Returns: 3 things we hope will happen in the revival of Showtime’s serial killer drama

By: Jasel Layson


After nearly seven years off the air, Showtime has revived Dexter for a miniseries that is set to premiere in 2021. Not much is known about what will happen in this revival, but Michael C. Hall is confirmed to reprise his role. With news of the revival, what can we expect from the show moving forward?

The Showtime series began in 2006 and ran for eight seasons. Throughout those seasons, fans have grown to love and hate the ups and downs the show has brought them. However, according to executive producer, Clyde Philipps, the show will look different. It will pick up where the show left off, but fans (myself included) were not happy with the finale.

Still, the season’s end took a turn for the worse and lacked a cohesive narrative. This Vulture article voices exactly what fans were thinking once the show drew to a close.

Even though the last season of Dexter was disappointing overall, I have high hopes that this revival will make up for it. The last episode was pretty open-ended, so the show could go in several different directions. Here are three things that we hope to see in the shows ninth season. 

Dexter’s Dark Passenger

Since the beginning of the show, Dexter has been battling what he calls his “Dark Passenger.” Of course, Dexter wouldn’t be Dexter if he wasn’t fighting his murderous tendencies. The question is whether or not he has control over them. It would be refreshing to see his Dark Passenger take on a physical form. We would be able to see Dexter converse and fight his urges. If the Dark Passenger took the form of people Dexter cared for, the writers would be able to bring back old faces. Jennifer Carpenter who plays Debra, Dexter’s sister who died in season eight, can come back as an entirely different character.



Harrison and Hannah

At the end of season eight, Dexter fakes his death to save his girlfriend and his son. He was last seen living as a lumberjack in Alaska while Hannah was in Argentina. The question is, where are they now? Hannah could be dead for all we care. As a character, she was reckless and didn’t have much regard for Harrison in the end. This was another loose end that the new series could potentially explore. The show often hinted that Harrison also had a Dark Passenger much like Dexter. Harrison having similar struggles to his father could open up a new storyline. Dexter could either help Harrison turn away from the darkness or to control it. 

Dexter’s Demise

Dexter’s journey has been nothing if not complex. For all his serial killer career, less than a handful of people knew his dark secret. Given that this is a limited series, the question is whether Dexter will finally get caught. It would even be more interesting if the writers killed Dexter off for good. That was the original intent for the eighth season, but that idea was ultimately thrown out. I think it would be a cop-out if writers decided not to end his story without coming full circle. Even though he killed murderers, his actions should still have consequences. For Dexter, those consequences are being behind bars or six feet underground. 

Regardless of what happens in this next chapter of Dexter’s story, fans can only hope that it will make them forget all about the mess that the showrunners called Dexter’s final season. 

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