Starting A New Life In The Mountains


2020 has been one of the most difficult years for many people. Whether it be political tension, social issues arsing or the thousands of people have lost their jobs, loved ones, and ability to take care of themselves mentally and physically due to Covid-19. This year has been stressful. For one college student, she has used this time of uncertainty to build herself a safe space away from all of the chaos. Emily Duccard is a junior business major at Cal State-Northridge. This year she took a risk and left the busy city of Los Angeles to take on off-grid living solo. Off-grid living essentially means living in a remote location living a self-sufficient and eco-friendly lifestyle. 

Emily, with the help of her dad, built a 250sqft tiny house in the Telluride Mountains in Colorado. The home is built from recycled materials and the base of the structure made from a recycled shipping container. Emily utilizes solar panels for electricity throughout the house. Luckily she lives near a stream so spends a lot of her time bathing and washing clothes with natural river water. She wanted a home that was as eco-friendly as possible she limited the amount of waste and carbon footprint emitted by the home by using solar power technology and recycled materials. In an interview, Emily states how “When I moved here the first thing people asked me was if I feel alone and miss being around people but the reality is I never feel alone. I have the noises of nature that always make me feel safe. I also have meaningful friendships with my neighbors and people who live closer to the town where I work” The home is located 15 minutes away from the town where she works at a local grocery store so she is able to take home produce and vegan foods for free. In order to have access to wifi for schoolwork, she has to go to local shops or friends cabins to use their wifi. Most of her neighbors are living sustainable lifestyles so Emily is happy to never be alone through this dramatic lifestyle change.


“I was depressed, unhealthy, unfulfilled, and constantly filled with anxiety when I was living in la. I was sad and felt my life was inadequate because of the pressure L. A puts on you. The second I moved to the mountains I was like wow I am finally at peace with myself. I am connected to myself and to nature and I realized this is what a fulfilling life feels like.” says Emily when ask how has her life changed since the move. Clearly, if your physical reality is not serving you it is completely okay to try something new and see if it makes you happy. Emily is a physical manifestation of this idea that you are in control of your life. She knew she wasn’t happy and did whatever she could to create a better reality for herself. This elucidates the importance of doing what’s best for your mental health.

When asked what advice she has for people who want to start their journey of remote living she shares how “I understand that money may be an issue and it is not always easy to just up and leave your current situation. What I would advise is to save up as much as you can and really do your research on places you know you would be happy but that you can afford to pay for monthly. The good thing about remote living it you save so much money if you live sustainably. By things that are reusable and limit your water and electricity use. If you really want something it is possible. You have to know it is your already”. Emily’s inspiring words remind us that manifestation is real. If you visualize a lifestyle that makes you happy you will attract it into your reality as long you vibrate on the frequency of your goal. If there is one thing this year has revealed is that life is so uncertain so we must do the things that make us happy now.

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