Why You Should Get Rid of Your Phone

Excessive social media use has been a concern for quite some time now. In an age where everyone gets their information from online sources and social media “influencers,” are a thing, it is no question that people spend a lot of time looking at their phone. There have been documentaries about the dangers of social media. The negative affect that social media can have especially on the younger generation.

The dangers have recently been highlighted further in a Netflix documentary titled “The Social Dilemma.” The documentary gives the viewer a deeper look into just how much control their social media accounts have on them. “I was in shock to see, you know, my notifications are programmed to like, keep me on my phone at all times,” Katherine 22, says. The users of popular social media accounts like Instagram and Twitter were exposed to the dark side of the goal that the creators have for their platforms. “I definitely took my notifications off for my Instagram and Facebook accounts, I am not trying to see them unless I go on them myself which would be when I feel like it, not because I got a notification,” Sunny, 27 says.

In the documentary, a fictional family is portraying the effects that social media use is having on their children. The youngest daughter starting to develop low self esteem and anxiety. Proving just how detrimental social media can be for the younger generation. This develops into a severe problem for the child and isn’t the first time to happen. The suicide rate for excessive social media use has gone up in recent years especially among the female users.

The aftermath of the documentary has definitely caused young adults to minimize their social media use and put down their phones. Many have gone on social media cleanses and some have even done what Sunny had done as well, turn the notifications off. This was a method stated in the documentary top help users minimize their use. These are some things to keep in mind when you’ve noticed you’ve been spending an enormous amount of your day, scrolling on your phone.

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