Astrology Compatibility- Does Astrology Sabotage Your Love Life?


Dating apps emerged as millennials and Gen Zs desperately search for their one true love. Will the stars tell them where to look? It is not considered going to extreme lengths, but a new norm. 

Dating With The Stars

It’s normal for those in new relationships to ask themselves “How compatible are we?” A few dates here and there might have you daydreaming about the future and thinking they are the one. Until you learn they are a Scorpio.

No, there is nothing wrong with dating a Scorpio- unless you are a Leo or Aquarius, who might always have their guards up when a Scorpio is near. But with the rise of interest in astrology, once we become aware of who we don’t mesh well with, we won’t let them anywhere close. 

Millennials and Generation Z (Gen Z) have taken Astrology and ran with it. The stars are now controlling their romantic compatibility. StarCrossed and Struck are one of many popular dating apps that integrate astrology with finding love. Those who swear by Astrology are obsessed with the new niche in dating apps as it gets them one step closer to their happily ever after. 

With the help of your signs and birth charts, you can match with those astrologically compatible with you. Although skeptics claim it’s all a bunch of hocus pocus, other dating apps have hopped on the astrology bandwagon and added some astrological features of their own. Bumble, another popular dating app, has created a filter for those sun signs you absolutely do not want to see results for. So if you wanted to filter out Scorpios, you could. 

Is this all just a marketing ploy, tricking you into using the app, or does it get us one step closer to our soulmate? 

That seems like the million-dollar question. According to the many different astrology sites, every sun sign has distinctive personality characteristics. Your sign can mesh well with some, but horribly with others. But astrology is just a piece of the puzzle.

Whether these dating sites are successful or not, it allows you to socialize with people you never would’ve spoken to before. Believing in astrology is a personal preference and those hopping on the astrology love train all have that in common. Thanks to technology, we can mingle with people from all over the world who like the same things as us. The coincidence of meeting someone traditionally, like bumping into them at a bookstore and finding love at first sight, has slimmed. Our new norm is forming relationships behind screens and taking the next step in person.

What It All Comes Down To

So the truth is, it is easier to find the one when there are a lot of common interests. Millennials and Gen Z may believe certain signs are not compatible but don’t filter out a Scorpio because the online search told you they’re controlling. Falling in love starts with exploring new people, new interests, and new possibilities. Don’t close yourself off to anything, fate works in mysterious ways.

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