Bigger families. Bigger benefits. Or not?

It’s Thanksgiving day and I’d say I’m number 12 of around 30 cousins in line waiting to make a plate. Trying to convince my vegan cousins to let me get in front — that their vegan mac’ n cheese will still be there at the end of this. The day starts stressful. You’re told not […]

Runnin’ Rebels Making Moves Early in the Offseason

By: Darrell Harris Walking off their home floor following a loss in the Mountain West conference tournament, a certain somber Runnin’ Rebels squad was headed for an off-season with more questions than answers. Would coach Menzies be brought back? What will the roster look like next season? When will the Rebels be back in the […]

Young Entrepreneur Helping to Eliminate Homelessness

By Carla Calderon Entrepreneurial Spirit Dylan Sanglay is in his office sorting through clothes. He meticulously logs each item on his phone, deciding which would sell well or be better to give away. Either way, it’s all going to help the homeless. I first met Sanglay at my friends’ basketball game a year ago. He […]

Why is Professional Women’s Hockey Dying in Canada?

By: Brian Berry The Human Side of Losing A Job You Love Cassandra Poudrier spends her days in a Montréal high school working as a high school teacher, aiding students who need help learning French or getting adjusted to life in Québec. In her off time Poudrier also played for les Canadiennes de Montréal (Montreal […]

Game of Thrones: Are the fans okay?

By: Haley Gyorkos Unless you don’t have access to the internet, you know that Game of Thrones is currently airing their 8th and final season. The famous HBO hit has been on air since 2011, which is a long time and most die hard fans have been watching from the very beginning and have even […]

Hussle & Motivate : As Told By The Fans of Nipsey Hussle

  When I got the call from my dad, you could hear it in his voice. Unsure yet his voice sounded steady, his words fainted in and out as the sounds of the sirens blared in the background.   He said, “I think somebody shot Nip.”   Nip meaning Nipsey Hussle, a rapper, entrepreneur and […]

The “Sugar” Life: Is it Really That Sweet?

Ava is a sophomore in college. She’s your average college student. She’s a public relations major, likes to go to frat parties, and is a sugar baby to pay the bills. College is expensive, okay? Student debt is rising, cost of living is rising, and if you think my books that cost a thousand dollars […]

‘Tragic Magic’ Johnson? Los Angeles Lakers: Behind-The-Scenes Look at the Resignation That Shocked the Basketball World for the NBA’s Lost Franchise

When the fun disappears from the magician.  Photo courtesy: Mark J. Terrill / AP By: Jonathan Eskin I almost fell to the floor. Magic Johnson departed my team — again. I remember this similar, sickening feeling, nearly 30 years ago. Dubbed, ‘The Announcement.’ I will never forget his statement at the press conference on Nov […]