3 Sustainable Clothing Materials You Need To Try

By: Ciera Kemp There are dozens of materials that can be made into fabrics, yet unfortunately, many of the clothes we buy and wear are made from unethically and unsustainably sourced materials. Some of these materials like regular cotton were produced from crops sprayed with harmful pesticides that do not get completely washed from the […]

Fashion Week: Quarantine Style

By: Carlee Gettman If this year has taught us anything, it is how to adapt and the designers and masterminds behind fashion week did just that. The show must go on even if it’s virtual, full of chaos, glamorizes formal sweatsuits and barely includes social interaction. The fashion industry refused to let this usual iconic […]

How Fashion Companies are Defying Unrealistic Beauty Standards

Big name fashion companies are shifting the focus away from unrealistic beauty standards to become more inclusive and representative than ever before. By: Carlee Gettman Since the birth of the fashion industry, companies have either avoided or promoted the apparent elephant in the room. The elephant being the unrealistic beauty standards that flooded the fashion […]

FashiON or FashiOFF: COVID-19 and the Decline of the Fashion Industry

By: Carlee Gettman At the beginning of 2020 the fashion industry was set to have another successful year. Advancements in online shopping, seasonal outfits and next-day shipping were proving to be very beneficial for the industry. It was not until the abrupt nationwide shutdown from the COVID-19 pandemic that many manufacturers experienced a massive decline […]