Rising Rap Star King Von Shot and Killed in Atlanta

Rapper King Von was shot to death early Friday morning in Atlanta. King Von, whose real name is Dayvon Bennett, was shot outside of an Atlanta hookah lounge at around 3:20 a.m. before being rushed to the hospital. It started with an altercation between two groups and escalated to shots being fired. Undercover police officers […]

Wiz Khalifa Drops Surprise EP ‘The Saga of Wiz Khalifa’

By: David Becerra 4/20 is arguably any weed smokers favorite unofficial “holiday.” One of those smokers is cannabis connoisseur Wiz Khalifa who has made it obvious that he’s a fan of the plant in many of his songs and projects. Wiz Khalifa decided to celebrate 4/20 this year with the surprise release of his EP […]

Swift and Peep – Two Netflix Documentaries Worth Watching

Grace Meyer | April 3, 2020 Staying home means needing to find things to fill our days. From video games to finally getting to start that hobby, we find ourselves doing anything to stay in as much as possible. Netflix binges and movie watching are also worming their ways into our day-to-day. This week, I […]

Lil Wayne: ‘Funeral’ Review

By: David Becerra Lil Wayne has been rapping for what seems like an eternity. Even though he has a great catalog of music to show for, it feels like many of his more recent projects seem to go under the radar if they don’t have “Tha Carter ” name attached to them. Wayne said it […]