Fight Like A Girl: Female Representation in Marvel Films

Madeline is a local middle school student, who had a lot to say about how Marvel films have inspired her. “When I see female superheroes in Marvel Movies I feel empowered. As a young woman I find it really inspiring to see such powerful women take the lead. Marvel has many male characters in which […]

How the Entertainment Industry was Affected by the Coronavirus Pandemic

With many blockbuster movies like the live-action Mulan, Marvel’s Black Widow, and A Quiet Place II expected to hit theaters in the beginning of 2020, the makers of these movies were expected to make millions in the box-office. However, since the COVID-19 breakout in February, it took a hard turn for these highly promoted movies. […]

The 1000 Meter Difference

By: Vanessa Lauren From gangs to guest speaking. That’s the story of one man from the West Side of Chicago. Arshay Cooper is a rower, award-winning author, motivational speaker and activist who’s next stop is UNLV.  His story starts on the streets of Chicago and unlike the 33 percent of boys he grew up with, […]

Will we ever see movies in theaters again?

Remember watching Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker in the movie theater last December? The film was the most anticipated Star Wars movie since 1980 when The Empire Strikes Back premiered. Not only was it the final movie of the entire Star Wars trilogy, but the world also discovered the fates of Darth Vader’s grandson, […]

Movie Theaters Are Dying, and Covid-19 Didn’t Kill Them

  The Covid-19 pandemic swept across the country and got its diseased ridden fingerprints on nearly every major industry in America. Movie theaters were not an exception, and after nearly 6 months of being shut down, major theater chains reopened their doors back in late August. AMC specifically were selling opening day tickets for 15 […]

Spotify: An Innovator for Storytelling

  By: Jasel Layson Spotify, the number one streaming service for music, is now raising the game in partnership with Cherin Entertainment. As early as next year, music won’t be the only thing streaming on Spotify. You will now be able to watch some of your favorite podcasts as TV shows or movies. Cherin Entertainment […]

Female Slashers! Yes, they exist.

By Arturo Sanchez The slasher sub-genre is riddled with classic male killers terrorizing poor victims on the big screen, but for some odd reason everyone tends to forget about the female killers who don’t get the same reputation for terror created. And yes, if you’re new or are quite new with the slasher genre, there […]

The Fly: A Good Horror Remake

By: Nick Vita When it comes to horror film remakes, they usually aren’t that good. Just going on google and typing in “horror film remakes” will bring up a list of a bunch of different movies that have tried to recreate the magic of the original. Somehow, they always seem to fail. Clicking on the […]

The Villainy of the 1% in Horror Films

By Arturo Sanchez It’s been no question that Hollywood has always commented on social issues, in subtle and not so subtle ways. Films have given us the opportunity to talk about what makes us uncomfortable and gives us the space to expand those ideas into society. Class conflict and wealth have always been a problem, […]