Hussle & Motivate : As Told By The Fans of Nipsey Hussle

  When I got the call from my dad, you could hear it in his voice. Unsure yet his voice sounded steady, his words fainted in and out as the sounds of the sirens blared in the background.   He said, “I think somebody shot Nip.”   Nip meaning Nipsey Hussle, a rapper, entrepreneur and […]

Discovering a rebrand through podding

A lot has changed in between Joe Budden transitioning from a rapper to a media mogul but nonetheless, it’s happened and happened right in front of our eyes.   Joe, the music artist, was known for being a combative, wildly abrasive entertainer that some would deem “hard to work with.” However, Budden was still able […]

Dissect is a must if you call yourself a music-reviewer

Some people say music is what feelings sound like.   The more popular that music becomes the more the average ear ventures out to find new music. Upon doing this, a lot of theme find different genres.   That being said, the review rate of songs, albums and artists is bound to increase.   However, […]

The Power of Saying I Don’t Know

The progress and improvement of the internet has given those who use it any answer it desires at the tip of its fingertips. In doing so, internet users and subsequently most humans have forgotten that there is power in saying “I don’t know.” Most of the time from fear of being criticized or belief that […]

The Rise of K-pop: Popular K-pop Groups From the ’90s to Now

By Carla Calderon Beginning of K-pop K-Pop is an interesting genre. It’s something that’s relatively new and can be easily dated back to its very beginning. Its history begins on April 11, 1992 with Seo Taiji and Boys. Seo Taiji was previously a member of the South Korean heavy metal band Sinawe, which had an […]

Top Five Indie Albums You Should Be Listening To

Only 3 months into 2019 and already there’s been a stream of solid releases. Of course there’s no escaping Sharon Van Etten’s Remind Me Tomorrow but everyone from Foals to dark wave post punkers Diat, have graced fans with some excellent material. Here’s five that you should be listening to. 1. Mattiel  -Customer Copy Atlanta based […]

I Made List for Every Emotion with Taylor Swift Songs

P.S. I color coordinated the songs by album 1.Being in Love Do you have a crush? Did you finally found the one? These songs are perfect to daydream about how wonderful your love life is. Ms. Taylor Swift is well known for her many relationships. I thank the universe for her way of capturing the […]

Music Morality: How the Indie Scene Is Dealing With Sexual Assault

By Johnnie Wade The Lifetime documentary Surviving R. Kelly was hard to watch.The six part series documenting Kelly’s alleged abuse of underage women shows that this behavior had been going on forever. In fact, my entire life. And given I was young but I still felt guilty watching the women describe the horrendous abuse that […]