The People v. Scoot Braun

  By Briana Herrera It’s a story as old as time. The year is 1993. Seinfeld is in its 5th season, Bill Clinton is serving his first term as president, Michael Jordan announced his first retirement from professional basketball, and the artist formerly known as Prince decided to go by what has become known as […]

Struggling Musicians fight to get their royalties from Spotify

By: Gabriela Rodriguez Making music is a tedious form of art that plays an essential part in everyone’s daily lives. Those who create it dedicate their time and talents to give something to the world that may or may not be praised. With that being said, smaller and larger artists deserve to be treated with […]

Blackface in Korean TV

Cultural Appropriation of Black Culture is a Problem in Kpop

Korean pop (Kpop) has taken over the western world. While it was extremely popular in eastern countries, only in recent years has it been able to break into the American market. Artists like PSY and groups like BTS, Monsta X, TWICE, and Blackpink have helped push the Kpop genre. The music Kpop groups make, use […]

How the Entertainment Industry was Affected by the Coronavirus Pandemic

With many blockbuster movies like the live-action Mulan, Marvel’s Black Widow, and A Quiet Place II expected to hit theaters in the beginning of 2020, the makers of these movies were expected to make millions in the box-office. However, since the COVID-19 breakout in February, it took a hard turn for these highly promoted movies. […]

The 1000 Meter Difference

By: Vanessa Lauren From gangs to guest speaking. That’s the story of one man from the West Side of Chicago. Arshay Cooper is a rower, award-winning author, motivational speaker and activist who’s next stop is UNLV.  His story starts on the streets of Chicago and unlike the 33 percent of boys he grew up with, […]

This Is The Best Time to Buy Vinyl

by Briana Herrera At the turn of the new decade in 2010, vinyl saw it’s own renaissance. Vinyl sales began to go up for the first time since the invention of CDs, Vinyl pressing plants that had closed their doors began to reopen, and every artists from Bonafide stars, to smaller bands started to all […]

Sani Bronco’s Quest to Finish his Debut Album

By: Gabriela Rodriguez Times have been rough in the music industry since the spread of Covid-19 earlier this year. The future is uncertain but is nowhere near the end. Bands have scrambled to figure out what to make of their situation. For Sani Bronco, the start of Covid-19 came at the worst possible time; during […]

How Artists Sell Albums in the Middle of a Pandemic

by Briana Herrera As small businesses and large retailers started to shut down due to the growing fear of coronavirus back in March, music venues also found themselves having to shut their doors. With shows being forced to cancel, the touring crew had no idea when their next gig would be. The worldwide shut down […]

Parasite: the Future of Asian Representation in American Media

By: Tahnee Riddick For decades there has been a minimal amount of Asian representation in Western media, but with the release of South Korean film Parasite, new grounds have been paved for Asian entertainers.  Following the film’s release on Aug 30 2019, many were able to witness the masterpiece of Director, Bong Joon-ho. He shared […]

Concerts Canceled due to Coronavirus

by: Tahnee Riddick Due to the massive worldwide spread of the coronavirus, long-awaited music festivals and concerts have been canceled or postponed. However, millions of international K-pop fans who anticipated their participation in such events have been just as understanding of the circumstances as those who are outraged. Fans online are furious seeing as they […]