Sani Bronco’s Quest to Finish his Debut Album

By: Gabriela Rodriguez Times have been rough in the music industry since the spread of Covid-19 earlier this year. The future is uncertain but is nowhere near the end. Bands have scrambled to figure out what to make of their situation. For Sani Bronco, the start of Covid-19 came at the worst possible time; during […]

How Artists Sell Albums in the Middle of a Pandemic

by Briana Herrera As small businesses and large retailers started to shut down due to the growing fear of coronavirus back in March, music venues also found themselves having to shut their doors. With shows being forced to cancel, the touring crew had no idea when their next gig would be. The worldwide shut down […]

Concerts Canceled due to Coronavirus

by: Tahnee Riddick Due to the massive worldwide spread of the coronavirus, long-awaited music festivals and concerts have been canceled or postponed. However, millions of international K-pop fans who anticipated their participation in such events have been just as understanding of the circumstances as those who are outraged. Fans online are furious seeing as they […]

From Stage to Twitch, the New Concert Experience

Grace Meyer | Image: The electricity of the crowd ignites as the headliners take the stage. “Are we ready?” they ask, and cheers and screams respond. The opening beats of the opening song hit eardrums, people begin to sway and move their bodies to the music. The heat of bodies all around us. The […]

Kpop Keeping Physical Albums Alive

By: Tahnee Riddick As streaming music digitally is becoming the preferred method of enjoying music, the purchasing of physical albums is rapidly declining. However, South Korean boy group, BTS sold over 4 million pre-order copies of their newly released album, “Map of the Soul: 7.” This record beats their previous album “Map of The Soul: […]

Wiz Khalifa Drops Surprise EP ‘The Saga of Wiz Khalifa’

By: David Becerra 4/20 is arguably any weed smokers favorite unofficial “holiday.” One of those smokers is cannabis connoisseur Wiz Khalifa who has made it obvious that he’s a fan of the plant in many of his songs and projects. Wiz Khalifa decided to celebrate 4/20 this year with the surprise release of his EP […]