Struggling Musicians fight to get their royalties from Spotify

By: Gabriela Rodriguez Making music is a tedious form of art that plays an essential part in everyone’s daily lives. Those who create it dedicate their time and talents to give something to the world that may or may not be praised. With that being said, smaller and larger artists deserve to be treated with […]

Slacktivism: When Social Media and Social Justice Collide

By: Jasel Layson One Like = One Life Saved! As you scroll through your feed, you come across a picture of a little girl. She can’t be older than three years old. She’s dressed in ragged old clothes and has the biggest frown on her face. The caption reads, “One like equals one life saved!” […]

How Social Media has Opened the Door for Child Predators

Advancements in technology and social media’s widespread accessibility has proven harmful to underage children. By: Carlee Gettman Prior to the rise of social media, child predators would physically stalk vulnerable youth at highly populated sites like playgrounds, schools, malls and even their own neighborhoods. Fast forward a few years and the evolution of technology and […]